View Full Version : New guy e Smokies

01-18-2006, 11:34 PM
Hey guys just was told about this board. Some of you may know me from some of the other southern boards. I live in Richlands Va. It is the little southwesten tip of the state. I love to come to the park, but however have never gotten to fish. Always have the wife with me! I hope to get to fish tis year. I tryt ot come by LRO everytime I am in town. It is the highlight of the first day in Smokies for me. I think you guys run a awesome shop with great people. I haven't made one of the fun weekends that you do but hope to someday. I fish alot on the Holston tailwaters below The south holston dam. I love that place it is a little piece of heaven. I also do alot of mtn stream fishing mainly in VA. I love the solitude of the mtn streams. My othere passion is smallmouth fishing. I can't wait for ti to warm up right now. It is killing me. Well thats about enough. I am glad to find this place and hope you guys welcome comments from a fool from VA.


Byron Begley
01-19-2006, 10:46 AM
Stu, Welcome to the board and thank you for the kind words. This board is brand new but very active. The website is new also. I like smallmouth fishing too and I'm looking forward to Spring as well. See you buddy! Byron