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01-27-2006, 08:42 AM
wondering if anyone has tried the little,light,sage rod--think it goes by TCX--or something like that-- it goes from 4wt to 00? it looks to be blondish-green--med fast--7ft and 7'10"--just right for The Smokies--i like sage rods even if they are pricey--they are made in USA and have a nice finish--have owned 1--was stolen out of my truck--while fishing the middle prong,Tremont--a bleak,bad summer day--donated my fav rod to someone of a low life nature--was zeroed in on by a copperhead so big that it probably wouldn't strike at you,not this big boy,he seemed to be the type to drag you off for afternoon snack---casting was terrible--could not relax--had a couple hits on ants--no fish to show for it--rain,rain,rain.
Noticed Bass Pro Shops opened a super store on I-40 across from pig.For. exit--They want it all I suppose--and they are eyeing the fly fishing market as a dandy niche to unload lots of imported fishing tackle on lots of tourists hoping to disrupt the trade established by the real fly shops in the Smokies area--I dislike these "superstores".

01-27-2006, 05:09 PM

I did the mistake of taking a job offer from them. I helped set up the store and I realized my mistake as soon as we got inventory coming in. I realize we have to sell products from all price levels but to be considered a serious fly shop you need to carry a little bit of the better stuff also. As for made in U.SA. I a champion of that concept but it is almost impossible to always do that. There are not enough products out there made in U.S. anymore. It is a fact of life. My main gripe about BPS was the fact that they are not taking fly fishing seriously at this particular store. It's just a joke and I'm glad I got out of it.

01-29-2006, 07:48 AM
Hello Hans,

I just found the new board this morning :) sorry things did't work out for you at Bass Pro. I have been to the Orlando store and they carry a few good items, but overall I prefer shops like LRO where the there is more variety of products geared to the area where I am fishing at that time. Plan on heading up north sometime in spring to do some trout fishing in my home state (Ohio) and the Smokies on the way ther or the way back depending on the weather.

Have fun!