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02-09-2006, 03:02 PM
Hey I am just putting this out and welcome any comment. I fish Snowbird Creek alot and my favorite time of year to fish it is winter. The reason is the winter fish which move out of Santeetlah Lake to spawn in the feeder creeks. This is the closest thing I know of to Steelheading in the south. I would like to see more folks fishing with flyrods in the winter, maybe the locals would see the potential benefit to the tourism (which might aid in some better regs on the lower section of the stream). Snowbird is not the only stream which receives the fish, just the one I know the best. 16-19" Rainbows seem to be fairly common, I have heard of fish up to 31" though I have not had the luck of catching one.
16-20" muscular rainbows and browns are nice enough fish though. Any comments or questions are welcome!

02-15-2006, 09:44 AM
Where abouts on Snowbird do you usually fish? I have fished it in the summer but not in the winter. Where is a good place to stay in the winter around there?


Chris McCarthy

02-16-2006, 06:13 PM
There is a micro-tel in Robinsville, about 8 miles from where I typicall fish. We have a cabin on the creek and sometimes rent it out as well. In the town or Robinsville as well is another hotel named Philips motel, nice little country hotel with reasonable rates. I would prefer it to Microtel.
Where to fish the creek; This time of year really any hole where current breaks over a riffle to deeper water is a good bet. If the hole has a sandy or small gravel bottom all the better. You can start right above the bridge (Dr. Nettie C. Parrot) though I typically fish a little higher up. While the lake is at winter pool the creek extends for another ~ 1/3 mile below the bridge and it looks like good water though I have not fished it.
Where I usually fish is past Robinson's Grocery; you will go around a 180 deg. curve on Snowbird Road and shortly thereafter you will see a small substation across from Mavis's jewelry; you can park near the substation or go up the road another 1/4 mle and there are more pullouts just past the bridge into Riverview. There is good water all the way up the creek from there just look for the deeper holes below riffles.
Larger stoneflies (golden) maybe with glowbug (oregon cheese or similar) swung on a sink tip or ~4' below a big indicator seem to work best for me. 3X tippet seems to be light enough as well. Wooly buggers weighted seem to be pretty good as well as any dark streamer (~size 4-8) weighted. Got to get it down to them.
If you have any interest in the cabin rental please send me your email I will respond personally.

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