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02-21-2006, 10:34 AM
The Sipsey River, below Smith Dam, in Alabama is one of a few places in Alabama you can catch trout. They stock about 3000 trout every two months or so. Usual stocker trout, but there are a few "bigger" ones in there. Good flyfishing especially above the chemical plant. Once you walk past the plant, there are several paths to take you down to the water and you can go all the way up to just below the dam on the dirt/mud road.

Be aware that they don't always follow the generation schedule!! The water rises quickly and I have almost be caught a few times trying to scramble out of there. They usually sound a siren before they release and sometimes you will have just a few minutes to make it to higher ground. I have been there a few times, though, when they sounded no siren and the water just started coming up. That was kinda scary. So, BE CAREFUL.

There is a flyshop where you turn on the road that take you to the chemical plant. Nice people there and helpful with fly selection, etc. They have a website at riversideflyshop.com.

To check on tentative water releases call 1-800-525-3711, then select 5, select 1, select 2.

02-22-2006, 03:01 PM
Thanks, sounds like youve been there a time or two. I think I am going to go the weekend of the 10th. Is there anywhere to camp around there or is it make a campsite and don't tell anybody. Anyone who wants to go around that time let me know. I am busy the weekend of the 3 and we are going on a spring break ff trip to the smokies the 26 so the two weeks in between are open.

02-24-2006, 01:36 AM
There are all kinds of places to camp around the area. Can't vouch for any of them but there are two up near Cullman and Good Hope (probably 20 minutes or so away) and at Rickwood Caverns State Park probably 30 minutes or so. That said, I have seen people before just camp on the side of the road there that leads to the chemical/ pumping station. Since 9/11 though, they may be stricter about that. The night a group of us thought about camping there, there was just way too much traffic up and down that dead end road!! We did not feel very safe. Not recommended really, and it may not be possible now anyway. Staying in one of the parks is my best recommendation.

Seems like there may be one somewhere on 69 near Bremen, but I can't remember. Those folks at Riverside Fly Shop may let you camp out on their space as well. They own some acreage around the shop, I believe.