View Full Version : Clinch River / Small Dam + The key to the Clinch

03-19-2006, 12:20 AM
I have fished the Clinch three times in the past month and it never fails, every time around 3:30pm the fish start hitting! I think it is still alittle slow but yesterday 3/17/06 the fish were active ! I was fishing at the small dam on the clinch river and was out there early, didn't catch anything until around 3 and then it pick up at 4. I was fishing with Zebra Nymphs and Midges and they were doing great. I strung my leader with a midge and then 7 inches farther down with a Zebra , not the usual but it worked very well. I ended up catching 7 in one hour. I switched to a dry to see if they would take it and they attacked it. Dries are starting to work ! Get excited fishermen , the season is here, I wish you all the best and God's Love and blessings to you, PHIL

03-20-2006, 06:20 PM
Fished the Clinch FRI 16 MAR, for some reason there was a good release schedule. Stayed @ weir dam all day; lots of little fish rising all day, took black midges @ #20. Also were hitting small zebra nymphs. Lost count. Probably should have stepped tippet down to #6 or #7, might have had more than one fish I had to use the net on. Wind was a factor: harder to cast accurately, but hid the leader/tippet well. Now that the state of TN has my $80, plan to get there more often. Has to be the most user-friendly place in this neck of the woods. I have spent the day there skunked, but lately doing better. Really helps to have the right fly on the Clinch. W.

appalachian angler
03-24-2006, 12:09 PM
In the afternoons when the water is down, you will find alot of smaller fish working the midge emergences in or just below the surface film. Try swinging small (size 18-22) soft hackles in midge colors like olive, tan, black or gray. You will catch alot of fish in the 4-8" range, but will often be pleasantly surprised with an occasional bruiser of 12" or better. I fish them on 6X tippet.

If you tye flies, these are the most simple of ties only requiring a hook, some thread, and one wrap of starling hackle, or two wraps of a small hen neck feather. Just remeber to build up a little bump of thread for the thorax of the fly before wrapping the hackle. I like to cast across and drift the fly till it gets somewhere about 45* from my position, then I lower my rod tip and swing/slow strip the fly in a typical down and across wet fly presentation with the rod tip in the film. The strikes are often hard and fast so be ready to raise your rod swiftly to make the hook set!