View Full Version : Clinch River @ Peach Orchard--3/27

03-28-2006, 01:06 AM
Drove down from Frankfort this AM and launched the canoe @ the Peach Orchard ramp around 0915. The water was down and the place was absolutely deserted. My only companions for the entire day were a red fox, an osprey, ~30 GB herons and a bunch of assorted ducks and geese. The first human I encountered didn't show up until around 1645. COOL! I fished sporadically down almost to Offutt Shoals. The conditions were fine except for the wind which, as I should have expected in March on the Clinch, gusted to 60+ mph whenever I tried to cast meaningfully.

Caught about 30 Rainbows, I guess, with the majority between 8"-12". A few were in the 6" category and the biggest was 17". No browns today, but I spooked 3 that were, I know , well over 20". The biggest one could probably have pulled a water skier.

The most productive pattern today was a #18 rubber-legged Copper John, with #20-22 gray or olive midge a close second. I began by fishing the two in tandem, the former about 8-9" above the latter, but as I mentioned, the wind was bad enough that someone of my skill level would be better served to fish them singly. And that's what produced best. No luck on dries, though several fish molested my strike indicator, and I never got around to trying any streamers or such.

Because of the solitude and the general productivity, today was the most fun I've had in my dozen or so visits to the Clinch. The water was prefect. Would that the Corps was so kind with their generation schedule year-round. Hope to get back soon.


P.S.- Why did Tenn. raise the non resident license fee so drastically this year? $80 is kinda steep!

03-29-2006, 12:22 PM
Thanks for the Clinch info. I am heading there Friday.

Regarding the fishing license increase, I e-mailed the commissioner (TWRC) asking the same question. His response is as follows:

The TWRA had not raised license fees in 15 years, so the dramatic increase has been a shock to all sportsmen. The easier license to raise is the nonresident, since the legislature must approve all increases and the resident population believes they should be more expensive.

The TWRA's sole revenue source for operations comes from the sale of licenses and the Federal matching dollars that come with it.

We will be analyzing the effect of all increases to see if some may need adjusting for a lack of sales. I will inquire about the trout only license. That seems to make sense, but I will have to check on it.

Thanks for your concern and the email.


Bill Cox