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04-02-2006, 08:57 AM
Hello all. im new to the area. my parents recently bought a vacation home in the townsend area. I will be visiting the area for the first time later this week. im planning on arriving in townsend on Friday and staying for about a week. i plan on stopping into the Little River Outfitter's shop first thing when i get it.
i am a big angler here at home in daytona beach, FL and need some tips for what to do and where to fish once i get into town.

any help is much appriciated!

also i have never fly fished before. is it manditory in the area or is a regular spinning reel and pole usable? also is it hard to learn to fly fish?


04-02-2006, 05:55 PM
Hi Chad .
The rules in the park make anything but a flyrod useless.
We will be in Townsend early Saturday so if you like I can tell you how to get hold of me and you could fish with us .
I am no pro but I know a thing or two.

04-04-2006, 12:42 PM
Thanks for the reply. can you give me any info about fly fishing. is it something that i can learn quickly and have enough skill to at least catch some fish while im up there on my vacation, or would it be totally worthless to even spend the time and money trying to learn the new skill?

also can you guide me into a reasonably inexpensive rod-reel setup. i dont want to spend a whole lot of money if i dont have to.


Bob Page
04-04-2006, 01:18 PM
Howdy Chad. I've used an ultra light spinning rod and reel for years in the park.
Sometimes I carry both it and a fly rod. I use roostertail spinners(1/16th and 1/8 oz.) in a variety of colors. In the past the park required a single hook on any artificial bait. I don't know if this has changed now that brook trout can be taken.
Even so, it's a lot easier on the trout if you're releasing them.
I think spin fishing is an easier way to introduce yourself to trout fishing, yet still challenging.-Bubba

04-04-2006, 03:51 PM
I have have a 13yr old boy that I started out with spin tackle. A rostertail works great, there is also a plastic worm like bait called a trout magnet that he did real well using. I also have an 8yr old girl that has cought several nice trout in gatlinburg in the children sections of the river. as far as I know single hooks are all that are allowed in Gatlinburg and the park. But if you are intrested in fly fishing take one of LRO's intro courses, my son took one from a local guide here in Nashville and it made a world of differance. In my experance LRO the LRO staff is a great group of people. Thight Lines

04-04-2006, 05:01 PM
If you want to try out a flyrod the offer is open for this Saturday however Sunday would be better for me.
I caught several really nice trout on my first day with a fly outfit.
I taught my son to flyfish when he was seven and he did well his first trip as did my wife.
So I dont think it would be a waste of time for anyone to try.

I'll be bringing several extra rods for the trip.
You can use one of mine if you like,
This would be a good chance to see if you like flyfishing and want to invest in an outfit and courses.

If you decide to take a course there are no better people anywhere than the folks at LRO.

Let me know if you want to take me up on the offer before Friday evening and we can set up a time to meet.

04-04-2006, 11:01 PM
Awesome replies, thanks for the support to all!

as it turns out, my dad has a flyrod and a bunch of flys, including a fly tying kit, that he is going to lend me for my trip this weekend.
he is going to show me some of the basics to casting before i leave friday morning.

I am very impressed at the quick replies and support from you all. i live in daytona beach, FL and fish the flats full time down here.

Im going to be staying in townsend and plan on visiting LRO friday when i get into town. im also trying to plan a fishing/camping trip saturday night/sunday morning with some friends at Elkmont. i havent visited the area before, but according to the trail maps, there is a trail called the "little river trail" that appears to run south along the little river from the Elkmont campground area. im planning on hikin/fishing down the trail and staying overnight at a backcountry site at the end of the trail. If anyone has any knowledge of the area at all i would love some input and information as to what its like, both fishing and camping experiences.

thanks for all the support guys,

04-06-2006, 02:16 PM
Can anyone educate me on the Tennessee/ Smoky Mountain gun laws.

Are you allowed to carry guns into the mountains, either concealed or open;y displayed??

also is there any exception for law enforcement or active duty military visiting from another state?


04-06-2006, 08:16 PM
Chad, hey as far as gun laws in tennessee are concerned for most purposes you need a concealed/carry (CC) permit. There are a few websites out there that quote tennessee law on the subject, and while I do not know them off the top of my head you can google 'tennesse handgun laws'. There is an interesting part of the law that in my interpretaion of it says that if you are camping, fishing or hunting in TN you can legally carry. Like I said that is my interpretation of it. It is also worth noting that is is legal to have firearms in your vehicle if the ammo is not 'accesible'. BUT, it is illegal to posses in any form a firearm within the National Park(GSMNP). And from what I hear the rangers are pretty strict on this. If you are in a National Forest (Cherokee or Pisgah) or a National Recreation Area ( Big South Fork ) the laws apply as they would to the rest of the state and rangers seem to be pretty forgiving as long as they don't suspect you of being up to no good ;). Like I said this is just my interpretaion from reading the law & talking to law enforcemnet & rangers. If anyone else can add to, clarify, or correct me on this plese let me know- I don't want to get my *** busted ;D. Best of luck on your trip
Oh yea- forgot about the part about law enforcement/ active duty- TN does have reciprosity with other states on CC for general populatiom, but I dont think that FL is on of them. For law enforcement it is my understantding that under the patriot act that any active law enforcement may carry. Hope this helps

04-06-2006, 08:21 PM
OK I like the thesaurus to weed out the 'wordy dirds'. Seeing as that was the biggest problem on the old board, I know that it was sorely needed. But just to clarify, I did not say 'tushy' *:-X

05-11-2006, 08:22 AM
Do a search for the "Law Enforcement Safety Act"....Senator Leathy sponsored the bill signed by President Bush.


05-19-2006, 11:13 AM
chad, tn does except fla ccw, i have a ccw, and check the web site often to see what states does accept tn ccw.. however in the national park your not allowed to carry a weapon........ tnflyman