View Full Version : Recomendations for staying in or around gatlinburg

05-07-2006, 10:44 AM
I am visiting Knoxville in June and I want to stay where I will have easy access to a trout fishing area. I fly fish. The wife needs some place where there is entertinment for her too. She fishes but said she will not because of the non-resident fees in Tn. Her choice. We are on a week vacation and will visit new grandbaby in Knoxville first. Then we want to leave son's house and find peace and quiet with a fishing area close by. Any suggestions would be apperciated.

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Byron Begley
05-07-2006, 11:03 AM
Jim, Welcome to the board and thanks for the comments. If you want peace and quiet choose Townsend. If you want a lot of non-nature things to do choose Gatlinburg. I would find a cabin there near the Park entrance away from the crowds. From Townsend it is about a 45 minute drive through the National Park to Gatlinburg. We are also about 30 minutes from Pigeon Forge. Here in Townsend we have a few motels, restaurants, lots of rental cabins, a new Museum and a fly shop. Hiking and photography are other activities available near Townsend. We are also close to Cades Cove a beautiful and historic valley.

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05-07-2006, 02:14 PM
Welcome, Jim ;). Byron is 100% correct on Townsend being nice and laid back. If your wife wants something with entertainment then I think Gatlinburg would be a good choice. Townsend is more about the outdoors as Byron points out. If she's not going to fish and you have the car then Gatlinburg would probably be the best choice. If you want to stay in Gatlinburg then I recommend Park Place Condos on Ski Mountain Rd. It's on the left as soon as you cross the bridge/ river (Little Pigeon)...The whole complex is right on the banks of the river and their property borders the Park so you won't get bogged down in traffic in downtown Gburg. The river is nice and noisy for lulling you to sleep, too :). I'm single and fish a lot so the good thing about Gatlinburg is shops and restaurants stay open late. Which is pretty good when you don't get back from the water until 10-11pm and want something to eat. But, if you get something in Townsend with a kitchen then it won't matter so much. At any rate, I hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful area!

PM me if you're interested in staying at Park Place.