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05-21-2006, 09:54 AM
Is there any way to catch trout using a spinner rod? I am heading up to campsite #24 following the Little River along the way. I am taking my 3 sons for a couple of days up there (I'm from Jacksonville, Florida)

So my question(s) is this:

- Do I have to fly fish to catch the trout here?
- Are there any special places alond Little River I should pay attention to?
- Are there trout in Little River?

I apologize up front for the newbie questions, but I figured this forum would be a great place to get information.

Thanks in advance.
Jax, fl

05-21-2006, 05:17 PM
A small black Panter Martin is a killer. My wife uses them all the time we fish together. Sometimes she does better than I do with flies and vice versa. I "doctor" them up with a larger"single" barbless hook. Just get them deep and slow as possible. The rules in the GSMNP just state ARTIFICAL and SINGLE HOOK.NO LIVE BAIT. You can fish either side of the park Tenn or NC with a license from either one. You do not need a TROUT PERMIT either to fish IN THE PARK. An NC license is cheaper and can be purchased on line. The local Wal Mart sells single hook roostertail spinners I'm not sure LRO does? I prefer the extra weight and action of the Panther Martin over the rooster tail. Fish it up and across and slow as possible. I've seen locals using artifical green worms very successfully also.

Little River according to the biologists is at it maximum carrying capacity for trout!!! They might not be hitting but they are there. I'd suggest fishing higher up the mountain sidesaway from the roads.

Check in at LRO for help, they'll be extremely helpful even if your not flyfishing.

Tight lines and enjoy
Randy Sale