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05-27-2006, 11:45 AM
Of all the fly fishermen and spectators going to visit the park this year, enjoying and viewing beautiful scenes of the smokey mountains "Nature's Sanctuary" , I rejoice in the opportunity and pleasure we still have in being able to take part in something so spectaculiar. But as beauty is quite prevalent, so is humanity. Although we might not rejoice in hearing that we are sometimes parasites to nature, laying down trash from our own inconvience and exhaustation of the moment, we debris the countryside for years to come in a matter of minutes. All I ask of the visitors in this moment when you are hiking that trail and have that plastic bottle or other forms of trash, tackle, food containers, is that you take that one moment of inconvience and be convienant to nature and DECIDE to take the time to put it in your pack or pocket, or hold on to it until you get to your vehicle. If you have ever been in a fraternity or a large group of people ... you know the power of numbers.... it astonishing. 1 leads to another, 1 leads to the solution to our problem. We may debris the grounds we spend time on, but unlike any other animal we have the ability , the intuition, to decide to pick this stuff back up, even if it's not our own trash, it is all our problems! Man makes fire, surely we could have the intuition to pick up alittle trash !
God bless, Phil

"Leave it alittle cleaner when you leave it "

05-27-2006, 08:10 PM
Couldn't have said it better myself.

05-28-2006, 07:04 AM
Evidently, it dosen't work that way. I hiked into one of my favorite Tellico streams last fall, only to find a gazillion minature candy bar wrappers & the assorted beverage containers >:(
I only have an high school education, here's my thought, aren't those containers/wrappers lighter after the contents have been removed, thus, they should be no problem to carry out if that person went to the trouble to carry them in :-/
Seriously, do they gain weight after the content's have been removed? I'd like to get my hands on them :o
Of course, i'm sure the folks that do this sort of thing never read these columns & we, as caring individuals for such pristine places will always be picking up after them & ranting/raving bout it on forums, yep, i'd like to get my hands on them >:(

05-28-2006, 10:11 AM
I agree, there will always be that person that becomes lazy in the smokies, but to all the people that go every year, for the most part, I think the park is respected. It's just the powerful few that make there mark on nature. Let us not be discouraged that we have to pick up after them..... it's sad that they pollute the earth, but even I have the urge to litter, I just don't listen to that urge. Take the problem into your own hands, it's no big deal, just pick up the trash you see, call it your good deed for the day, call it whatever you want , whatever it takes to make you pick up that trash and make the place more beautiful, well put man, it stinks that people litter, but we still have the ability to pick the stuff up!
God bless, Phil :)