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05-27-2006, 08:07 PM
"Hiwassee Report + Favorite Mountain Stream In the vicinity"

I finally made it down to the big HI after a very long hiatus. About a year or so. I began fishing at first daylight around Childers creek area and below Devil's Shoals. I got a fish on the first cast and that was a good sign and It kind of told me that I'm back on the big and mighty HI.

I quickly got two more bow's in stocker size and I moved slowly from ledge to ledge. I saw several gars who looked like they were spawning. I'm not sure just a guess. I had five rainbow's a 9 O'Clock when I felt that it was getting a little slow. I was working my BH Prince size 12 and got a bow on which I promptly lost. He was slightly larger than the previous ones. I took the water temp and it was a little high 68 degrees and that explained the slow fishing. I decided to take lunch and head upstream. I walked back to my truck and drove to Towee Creek area where I sat on my tailgate and ate my ham and cheese sandwiches and a cup of coffee. I found some Swedish cheese at a store here in Knoxville and it was good. It made me feel homesich for a second or two. I finished my lunch and watched one fly fisherman catching a five inch fish. I also saw a spin fisherman who took a dipping. He was alright though but definitely wet. Well, I hadn't taken my Hiwassee bath for the day yet so I didn't laugh.

I began fishing at Towee Creek area right at 11 a.m. I knew I had an hour before the water would come up so I decided to hurry up and walk across to the railroad side. I quickly caught 4 more bow's and these were slightly larger, all around 12" each and very strong. I also cught 1 small brown. All in all 10 fish for the day and it was time to head to my favorite small stream in the area. I fished this stream from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm. I caught 11 small bow's and lost a little better one on this stream. All on top. Yellow Stim 12. I ran into another fisherman from Athens TN. A Mr. Davis and we fished together for the afternoon. I finally decided to call it a day and drive back to Knoxville and got home at around 5 pm. I started to feel tired after being up since 4 am. Although nothing beats a day of fishing in East TN.

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06-01-2006, 09:23 AM
Glad to see that you got to the HI and had a good day. i bet you slept pretty good that night ;D

06-01-2006, 09:15 PM
Sure did. Pm if you ever can leave the house and we go and check some brookie water out. I won't be fishing the HI probably until the fall or maybe not until next spring. Water releases are not favorable for wading. I have some ideas about visiting some creeks over in N.C. which I haven't fished in ages. Give me a holler when you can go!