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06-03-2006, 10:08 PM
Well, I made it to Townsend to check out the Troutfest and after purchasing a T-shirt and yapping with tons of people I decided to head to LRO for more yapping.
I talked to Byron and Daniel for awhile and decided that I needed another ballcap to go on my halltree with all the other ballcaps.

Then I decided to to head to the Park Headquarters to buy a cacheted envelope with the logo of Chimney Tops on it and with the new Smoky Mountains Stamp affixed to it. After all these expeditions it was time to find a spot to fish. I looked at West Prong of Little Pigeon but it was way too high. I ran into a fellow from S.C. and we decided to fish a small creek behind the Park Headquarters as an alternative to the washed out creeks. We fished for about half an hour and then my new found friend had to rejoin his family who were in the Tourist Mecca.

I kept on fishing and caught and released ten trout. To my surprise, several were 7 and 8". I lost two that might have been 9". Amazing how fun those small creeks can be. I used to fish small creeks like that a few years back but got more into bigger waters. I guess it is nice sometimes to go back to your roots.

Anyway, It was a beutiful day and for only fishing for about two and a half hours it was a good day. Water temp on Fighting Creek was 63 and that must be real great considering it's low elevation. Yellow Sallies were coming off as well as a small tan caddis size 18.

Thanks for letting me yap today Byron. I promise I will stay away for a while so you can go back to selling merchandise 8-)

David Knapp
06-03-2006, 11:19 PM
Great report! Those small creeks are always so much fun to fish and it is always a nice suprise to have an 8 or 10 incher jump on your fly. So were you fishing dries today or nymphs? I think I'm going to go fish in the Smokies tomorrow for one last time before heading west for my summer job so any advice is appreciated.

David Knapp

06-04-2006, 12:39 AM

Yellow Stim size 12. I rarely fish anything else in the park until late Summer early fall when I might try a terrestrial. Boring! yes but effective.