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06-14-2006, 09:46 AM
Can anyone tell me about the fishing in Valle Crucis? It looks like good water...but I have been fooled be4.!



Backcountry FF
06-14-2006, 11:10 AM
I have fished it in the spring and in the fall a couple of times. Delayed harvest regulations were in place then, and the fishing was pretty good. Last I heard, they stocked all three species of trout in that particular stretch. It still counts as a slam, right? ;)

The only place I know to access the water is at the public soccer fields. Just look on the right hand side of the road after you go a few miles on the road to VC, and you'll see them. I think the turnoff (which is a lot harder to spot than the park itself) is just before that old general store. If you cross the river, you've gone to far.

There is some good water there, and it holds quite a few fish in Delayed Harvest times (pretty much all stockers). The springtime was more productive than the fall, and a little color to the water helps.

I would love to describe my mystical experiences involving dry flies and trout sipping mayfly duns all around me, but unfortunately the most productive flies I have used there are sub-surface and look like worms and salmon eggs. ::)

It still counts as a slam, right? :-/

Anyway, PM me for some spots up toward Foscoe that hold some wild trout. Some NICE wild trout!

Best regards,
Charles M.