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06-19-2006, 10:11 PM
Today I talked to my friend--Arnold--AKA--Dancing Bear.He is a 100%,totalfisher,and lover of the park.He parks a mobile home in Pigeon Forge every March.He leaves it all summer,returning constantly to fish.I think in late Fall--November--he packs up and returns home.He is a retired school supt.Today,in my office,over coffee,he told me he was looking for another park.The Smokies had become isolated because of traffic jams rivaling those he saw in China.He said he could not stand immobility.Point A to Point B had become a major hassle.He talked about Virginia and North Caolina knowing both states are double the distance.Does anyone out there in LRO-land know if there are plans to handle traffic a little more efficiently.D. Bear said Memorial Day was a real mess. PS(No one knows why he is called Dancing Bear.The name was attached to him in grade school.Maybe it is beacause he really looks like abear--I mean he REALLY looks like a bear--DB and wife are prosperous people.In the 70's he was a top disco dancer,he really was.So what do you get when you add John Travolta +Gentle Ben------DANCING BEAR!!!!

06-20-2006, 01:18 PM
Tell your friend that he's going to have to find a campground that's convenient to the Park. Campgrounds along Wears Valley Rd (Hwy 321) or in Townsend would be my pick. He could also get a map of Sevier and Blount counties because there are alternative routes around the traffic jams.