View Full Version : Smokies Trip 6-22

06-21-2006, 07:47 PM
Hello all,

I am heading towards the smokies tomorrow, stopping in Nashville first for a job interview on Friday, then I will be driving to Townsend to get a few days of fishing in before I have to head back to Florida. I was curious how the headwater streams are fishing. I hope to catch some brookies and wild bows during this trip and also enjoy rhododendron blooms. I haven't made a summer trip to the smokies in several years, and I'm really looking forward to doing some wet wading in the cooler headwaters. Hopefully, my job interview will go well and I can live closer to the smokies so I can enjoy more flyfishing in and around the Park. It's been pretty tough the last 7 years only being able to fisg 10-12 days a year in that area. Any comments on current conditions would be greatly appreciated.



06-22-2006, 07:46 AM
It's low water but not drought conditions yet. We are 4.5" below normal here in Knoxville so far this year, last year was the same. We are having low ground water levels now. I think the high altitude will be fine but we sure need some rain in order for it to not become critical soon. As for fishing I haven't been up high yet but I'm sure it will be good.

06-22-2006, 02:38 PM
The last few times I've been out have been ok. The last 45min. b4 dark has been the most productive. Some hatches coming off then stir up a little action. Use a dry that's yellow/grey in color. I used some orange/grey 16-18s last night and did decent. There's been a LOT of vehicle traffic lately, maybe the lightning bugs, that plus just a lot of visitors in general. Good luck and take some OFF for the gnats. Once you stand still for a while, they kinda leave you alone.