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07-04-2006, 09:50 PM
that story byron told about someone finding the rest of that guys rod is really neat. I have a story of my own like that and it happened today at greenbriar. went up there today w/ a friend, caught a few fish, then got gullywashed out by what i thought was a tornado or something, lightning cracking and trees falling, it was kind of scary, so we walked back, started driving out, then it became sunny and beautiful out of nowhere, so we stopped at the lower part about a mile from the entrance and fished upstream for an hour or so. we walked back down and about 200 yards downstream of where we were fishing, I see these people playing in the water, throwing giant stones... just being generally annoying (which is expected on the fourth) Inside I just wanted to scream, "quit throwing rocks and yelling!!!" Right about that time this woman yells at me and asks if I droped anything. "no" I say. then to my astonishment, she holds up my c & f fly box which apparently must have fallen out of my vest, at least 200 yards up where I'd first gotten out of the water. My first thought was "great, those boxes are expensive; then I remembered all the flies in there. I did a quick figure in my head and decided that box and the flies in it would cost about $150-200 to replace. this area of the river is very wide. how that small grey box just happened to float by, or how they even saw it with all the commotion they were making, I'll never know. all I can say is buy a c&f box, because apparently, it'll come back to you if you lose it.

07-05-2006, 09:33 AM
Maybe it's that as flyfishermen we need those screaming, annoying people. Maybe we should learn to deal w/ them or EVEN we should fish where they are. ;). Seriously, I glad you got your flybox back...I know how upsetting it is to lose one.