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07-18-2006, 04:54 PM
I just got back ,fished three days 14,15,16.. I don't know where to start.. Thank you to the guide that gave us the advise on fri.afternoon in the store ,we went to lynn camp prong on sat. and used your tips. caught a bunch of fish and some pretty good ones. Those green weenies are awesome!!! Thank you to the tall dark haired fellow in the store who told us to go to cades cove on sun. morn. Wefished the big shoe. thats not the best place for a rookie to go,but we had a great time . caught most of our fish on a bead head pheasant tail??? Has anyone been back there in the last,lets say, 100 years.don't seem like it. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I met two guys on sat who said they were going to panther creek. One made a comment on the quality of life up there.You just don't know.Anyone who has been there knows about the beauty of the mountians,and if your afisherman thegreat fishing. but you all are what makes that place great.From the guy who moved from Ohio Italked to outside the store,to the two guys Italked to on the moutianside. People don't help people like that everywhere.If you want to see what I mean just go to the orvis store near P.F. Ilost my fly box and was close to sugarlands,Iwent to that store and left without buying anything.Drove all the way to Townsend to get my flys(the same ones I bought that morning :'() Thats the differance you all make.Thank you to everyone for making my trip great!!!! Be back as soon as I can.

07-19-2006, 12:31 PM

That was me and my buddy Kevin who went up to Panther Creek Sat. We got soaked as soon as we got up there. It was kind of muggy and difficult for us. I manged to catch maybe ten fish. My buddy is still learning and very excited about fly fishing. I'm glad you got to do the Abrams. Come back in March or April and you wouldn't believe the kind of dry fly fishing you would have on that creek.

07-19-2006, 02:29 PM
It was great talking to you. We should have followed your lead,we were tring to get out before the rain but didn't make it.Abrams was nice because it was so secluded and the fish were a little bigger,but i think that stretch of lynn camp was my favorite place to fish. I don't know what it was about it but I really liked it. Felt like if I did everything right,there was a fish behind every rock!!!! With the job I have and the job my wife has it's hard to plan a trip. we ussally decide we can go a couple of days before. But the next chance I get I'll let you know and maybe you can give me some tips. When my wife and kids come I try to get in a morn.trip or two. This last time me and abuddy went and we got to fish three days strait. I'm afraid this fishing stuff is going to be hard on my marriage. Good thing i got a great wife who enjoys the outdoors!!!! Have fun and don't cacth them all.