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07-25-2006, 05:14 PM
Hello all,

First time to join a message board and actually participate, so I'm stumbling around trying to figure out how to write a message, read a message and find out about fishing in the mountains. Actually a couple of you have sent me notes when I had responded to someone else instead of creating a new note... thanks for your patience with a newB.

Any suggestions on where the best locations are for tent camping in or near the Smoky's and doing some fly fishing over the next couple of weekends would be much appreciated. My wife is a quilter, so if any of you have a spouse so inclined and could point us toward a quilt shop I'd appreciate that as well. Much easier to fish if the wife is occupied doing something she enjoys. ;)

What a great website this is and a wonderful forum to get information, help each other and generally talk about fly fishing. NE Ohio isn't exactly a hot bed for fly fishing, so I don't get to go much, but if you're anxious for steelhead, there are some great streams not too far away.

Looking forward to hearing back...

Visit Townsend
07-28-2006, 10:51 AM
Be glad to help you with several suggestions on tent camping and fishing. Send me an email to hhandly@smokymountains.org with your questions. This is the Visitors Bureau.....so we have info we can send you, if wish or, I can give you the skinny on campgrounds, etc.

Regards, Herb