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08-28-2006, 05:53 PM
Hey Everybody,

I haven't been in Townsend since the Fall. My wife and I are coming in town this Thursday-Monday. I know coming to fish on a holiday weekend isn't the best choice, but my wife is on a break from school, so this is the best chance I will get for a little while. Anyway, when I'm in town I always fish Little River from Metcalf up to Elkmont. I must be a creature of habit b/c this is about all I ever fish. I know with the crowds this weekend that all my favorite places are likely to be filled by others. The only options that come to my mind for getting away from the crowds are going above elkmont on Little river or hiking up Tremont. I'd like to get away from the crowds a little and catching some brookies would be an added bonus since neither Me or my Wife have ever fished for brookies in the park. If anyone has any better advice than up above elmont or tremont it would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will try some of my favorite spots on little river in the early morning just because I can't resist it, but it would be nice to get away a little and have some uncrowded water. Lastly, I will say that my wife isn't interested in any 4-5 mile walks/hikes, which will reduce some of my options, but wanted you all to know I am somewhat limited in that respect.



David Knapp
08-28-2006, 07:11 PM

I think this weekend will be excellent for fishing. The weather is supposed to be cooling off towards the end of this week and the fish should be really starting to feed as fall gets nearer. If you want to try for some brookies, drive up above Gatlinburg and hit the West Prong of the Little Pigeon. For brookies, I would probably fish just about anywhere from the Chimney's Picnic Area and up. Walker Camp Prong would be a good option. Don't expect to be alone though. It is going to be pretty hard to find solitude without a good hike, particularly this weekend. Head over the hill and try the 'luftee for something new also. Good luck with your trip!

David Knapp

08-29-2006, 09:32 AM
Hey SC,
A few more thoughts for you. First would be: get out early. Not many people out before 9:00 in my experience. If you park at the sinks you can access the Meigs creek trail. It has some nice brookies and is one of the streams which was previously closed. If the Little River is low you may be able to wade over to the mouth of Meigs, it is the waterfall you see downstream of the Sinks. I will warn you though it is awfully tight to my thinking.

another thought is to drive to the end of Tremont Road and head up either Lynn Camp Prong or if you go to the right you can fish up Thunderhead Prong. You will come across brookies on LCP above the falls. Thunderhead is a rainbow fishery, both should be shady and cool. Don't expect the size fish you will take from the stretch of Little River you fish, that has the highest concentration of big fish in the park.
For larger fish the Luftee as Plateau Angler said is a pretty good bet, but a pretty far drive from Townsend. Sunrise on Newfound Gap would be a beautiful sight along the way.
One more thought but a bit of a drive is Parson's Branch, probably not good for this weekend though because the bikers will be swarming like flies! Again though if you get there early, the bikers as a rule don't come out before 9:00. If you get there early you will far enough up the trail that you wont even hear them. Parsons branch is accessed by the foothills parkway to 129 and left toward NC. Pass the lakes, head up through deals gap. It crosses the road about 10 minutes from the lookout of Calderwood Dam.
Tight lines,

08-29-2006, 09:35 AM
As an afterthought; the largest Brown I have caught to date came on Labor Day weekend 2004. Working a slow run blind with a heavy size 14 golden stone nymph about 3' below an indicator. Right at 20". Nearly yanked the rod out of my hand when I set the hook! We've had some rain this week and they should be cool and on the prowl!
Tight lines!

08-29-2006, 09:47 AM
I agree with Plateau Angler to fish for Specks above the Chimney picnic area and up. There are some good areas above the Chimneys trailhead along the road that do not require hiking. The only problem is having to listen to all the cars and motorcycles coming down the mtn. I would rather go to Greenbriar and get away from the crowds.We are finally getting some much needed rain here this week and the rivers should be in great shape this weekend.

08-29-2006, 10:49 AM
I want to say thanks to everyone for the responses so quickly. As of right now I'm leaning toward heading above the chimneys picnic area or maybe trying Lynn camp prong Of course this is on top of hitting my favorite places on little river in the early A.M. in the hopes of catching a few nice fish. Don't know what it is, but ever since I started cathcing browns on little river its all I have wanted to do for the last several years when I'm in town. I guess its finally time to broaden my horizons as a fly fisherman. If anyone has anymore advice, please don't stop now. I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the advice so far.


08-29-2006, 04:30 PM
a good idea if you want some solitude would be to park at the rainbow falls trailhead and hike 5-10 minutes. you will start paralleling leconte creek. there are some really good pools with tons of brookies. i fished it for 10 minutes and caught 4, all of them bigger than the ones i caught in walker camp prong. hope this helps.