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08-29-2006, 02:00 PM
I've read that fishing is better in the fall and spring. When does the fishing start to get better,can anyone be more specific than fall. When will the weather get cool enough to improve fishing but not so cool as you must have waders to wade,or is there such a time? What will the weather/fishing be like the first and second week in oct? When will you have to start wearing a jacket and /or waders?

Rog 1
08-29-2006, 03:00 PM
I think the majority of the input I have read on this board would point to the spring as being the best fishing season all around....the bug debutante....the fall season is a second spurt to stock up for the winter months more or less....personally I like the first two or three weeks in October....cool weather and the leafers are not out in force....during the week the campgrounds are quiet and not that many fishermen.....I have been camping and fishing this time frame for 30 years and don't own a pair of waders....we usually fish in shorts or nylon fishing pants....trout are still hitting dries and the only draw back is an occasional lack of water....gets a little hard on the knees....try it, you'll like it.

08-31-2006, 01:26 AM
Next to the "yellow flies" hatch in Early June this is actually my favorite time. I usually bump into Rog 1 up above Elkmont about that time, I'll be a little later this year. I carry set of stocking foot hip books in my day pack. They may or may not get used. *Weather can vary so much. I try to stay out of the water as much as possible due to low water. (I worked around a large boulder last fall and spooked a 20+ brown digging a redd. I think I catch more Browns in the fall than any other time. I still throw a lot of beetles , a Renegade (with fat peacock body)and a large tan elk hair caddis- a size 8 or 10 *:o. There is a large caddis coming off periodically during that time that drives the fish nuts.. *This time of the year is usually "feast or famine" for me. Water levels and the water temperature are the two big factors.

Somehow I got talked into a" Look at the Leaves" trip to New England by the wife for early October. ;D I moved it up to catch the last week of fishing season in Baxter Park for Brookies and West Branch of Penobscot for Landlocks. The boys, in Maine, have to "stop fishing" most places Oct.1st. :( But I'll be in the park 3rd or 4th week of October.
Randy Sale

09-01-2006, 02:01 PM
Thanks, is there any advantage to hiking into camp? will you be able to get to waters not so heavly fished? When they close these areas do to bear activity how long do they stay closed?(asking about 24,&18 in particular) Is it safe to camp right after they reopen or are the first people to camp just test pigs to see if it's safe? If you camp in the camp grounds where can you shower?

09-02-2006, 12:38 PM
I have a propane shower from Bass Pro, that I carry in my car with my tent. I use it at Elkmont or Cades Cove. It has a battery powered pump, propane canister heating coil. You can heat water out of a stream/ lake very quickly. I bought it for N. F. campgrounds out west, cost about $100 but have used it years. Too big to back pack though.

I don't think backpacking in is that much of an advantage in the Park, if your goal is only to just fish. I enjoy doing both- backcountry camping and fishing. If I want to just fish, I found I travel faster with just my fishing gear.

I think there is a difference between camping in a bear closed area and fishing in one. A bear might be in a high country campground might be at Elkmont the next night. If there is a problem bear in an area I want to fish, I make sure NOT to have any food around and run my Day pack, etc up between some trees. I ,also, carry a canister of bear spray on my belt. I have NEVER FELT THREATENED THAT I have had to take it out, even with a bear is present. The park is saturated with bears and they travel long distances. 95% of the time NO FOOD- NO PROBLEM.

My son guides hikers in the Adirondacks. In July, his group camped near a trail shelter, with a fenced in front, that was already filled. That night they heard screams, yelling etc. as a bear came through the door of the shelter to get at the food the other group failed to run up lines. He and his groups had hiked for 8 weeks in that same area and only saw glimpses of two bears while following bear- food rules.

Randy Sale