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08-30-2006, 03:10 PM
My name is Edward Philpot and I am from Cookeville TN. I was fortunate enough almost exactly 1 year ago to be introduced to Paula and Byrons fly fishing school. I've done a lot of interesting things in my life including extensive military training in recon, field medic, communications expert, military intel analyst and more, ( not to mention designing, building and operating 2 restaurants) but none has offered me what fly fishing has. I was not only taught casting techniques, types of flies to use, how to select and use different types of gear, etc., I was also taught to respect fly fishing as a whole. Because of the class I took, fly fishing has taken me all through east, middle, and west TN, North Carolina, Virginia, and Arkansas. Since then I have learned 3 additional casting methods and have managed to teach my twin brother a good deal of what I learned from Paula, Byron and the guys. This is especially dear to me because my brother and I live 900 miles apart and at best have seen each other a maximum of once every two years. Now we meet half-way in Heber Springs, Arkansas to tear up the Little Red River ( November will be our third trip this year). So everybody out there, if you are new to fly fishing and haven't had a class, take the class at Little River Outfitters. If you're not that new but are self taught I guarantee they can teach you more in an hour then you'll teach yourself in a month. So thank you, Paula and Byron, for teaching me not only introductory fly fishing but also a rich and rewarding lifestyle. I wish you guys years of continued success in the best outfitters in the state. Regards, Edward *

Paula Begley
08-31-2006, 07:53 AM

Welcome to the board, and thank you very much for your awesome comments about the class! We just love it when we light a fire in a student....! Teaching fly fishing is important to all of us who instruct, so it is great to get such positive feedback!

Still hoping to try out your cooking when Byron and I next head your way!