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09-07-2006, 09:13 PM
Hi, I decided to join the site... I have been keeping up with the fishing report most of the summer. *I just started fly fishing the Park this year. *I moved from Lexington, Ky and have always enjoyed visiting the mountains. *Thanks to the crew at Little River Outfitters for helping me get all the gear I needed this past winter. *I have really enjoyed fishing this year.

I have been going quite a bit with my father-in-law. *He is a Blount native for his whole life and knows a lot about the Park. *He and I have done really well on Lynn Camp and Thunderhead lately. *I caught my best fish of the year a few weeks ago... a 11in rainbow. *I sure was proud... I think my granddad would be too. *He was the first to introduce me to fly fishing when I was a little boy. *We always would fly fishing from the boat during the mid afternoon at the Land between the Lakes near Dover, TN.

I look forward to meeting others who have been captivated by the same enjoyment that I have fishing the Smokies.


09-07-2006, 10:41 PM
Congrats on that 11 incher! I've been fishing in the park several years now and my personal best on a dry is a 12" rainbow. That was just last spring. Fishing in the park is very addictive, isnt it? Seems like other places just dont have the same attraction. Gets its hooks into you. Hope you have many enjoyable years of fishing there, just dont get hooked up with folks who seem other than they are. I got burnt from that.
You cant go wrong with Byron, Paula and Daniel, however.
Good luck and tight lines,