View Full Version : fishing report 9/16-9/18

09-19-2006, 10:03 PM
Left Nashville at 7:00 am and stopped at the Caney Fork on the way. What a waste of time. struck out,not one single bump. :-[ Reached LRO about 1:00 spent a little money than headed up to treemont. Caught about 10 small bows, finaly gained confidence in the green weenie. What an ugly do nothing fly. But , it worked so well I had to return to LRO to replenish my fly box.
* * *I had reserved a campsite at elkmont, but at the last minute my boss offered the company chalet if I worked while I was up there in the evening. Not a bad trade off. So, I stoped at elkmont that evening and gave my campsite to a fellow flyfisherman. He offered to fish together sat morning, but I feel that my casting skills tend to scare the fish more than help so I declined the offer. I selp through the alarm sat morning, so I got a late start. About 8:30 am I headed up little river trail above the campground. Met the fellow I gave my campsite to. He reported that he started @5:00 and had caught 5 nice rainbows on guess what? Green weenie. So I hiked up about a mile above him and started with a green weenie. NOT ONE SINGLE BUMP! Changed to a #14 Elk Caddis Yellow. First drift caught a nice rainbow. Caught about 8 or 9 more on the caddis. What a rush to catch them on a dry.
* Came within 5" of stepping on a copperhead. He was sunning hisself on a rock, he just kind of looked at me with a look of why are you interupting my nap. Then slid off the rock. Ihave learned if you don't bother them they won't bother you. BUT the next encounter with the gsm wildlife was a little more hair raising. I was about 1/4 mile from goosen (I can't spell) trail head (about 3 1/2 miles from the trail head), about 200yards off the trail when I heard something in brushes about 30yrds from me. Next I heard the woof woof of a bear letting you know this is his home not *yours. I put my hand on my bear spray, that my wife makes me carry when I am back country by myself, and backed out of the area. Never saw anything but a large black shape.
* Sunday listened to Nathan and Byron and headed *up above Chimney Tops. Had a blast! Caught 3 Brookies on the #14 Elk Caddis Yellow. I have caught Brookies by accident before but this was the first time I fished soley for them. What a blast!!!! Decided to head down to the Little River to try and catch a Brown for a Grand slam. About time I headed to the river from Gatlinburg my cell phone rang. Where are you at, shouldn't you be headed home about now my wife asked. Of course my reply was yes honey. The Grand slam will have to wait till next trip.
* Had a geat time at LRO in between fishing trips. Lefty is a great insperation to all flyfisherman. the little I saw of his casting demo taught me more than my 5yr of self teaching. Thanks LRO.