View Full Version : Outstanding LRO Service

09-23-2006, 10:04 AM
I am the Fred in Friday's "Fishing Report" who left his rod and reel leaning against the tree and left for home. *By the time I realized what I had done I had little hope of seeing the outfit again. *Because of the great people at Little River Outfitters my rod and reel are safe and sound. *Thanks to Walter who found the equipment and took it back to the shop. *Thanks to Daniel who called Scott Rods and found out who it belonged to. *Thanks for the call to my wife to let her know, who then called me (on the road). *And thanks to Byron who made a special trip from the shop back up to the river in the park to see if he could find me looking for my equipment. *Everyone who fishes in the park or anywhere in the area is very fortunate to have have world class shop with great service like Little River Outfitters. ; :)