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09-30-2006, 10:03 PM
Today the little hair I have on my scalp turned gray. The educated brown's on Little River gave me some trouble. I should say one of the browns did. I got to the stream right at 1pm. I rigged up and caught three Rainbows and one Brown trout within fifteen minutes on top. It was going to be a great day. The sky was clear and the temp in the water an ideal 54 degress and probably about 70 in the air. I managed to put my orange stimulator in a nice deep run then bam! a good sized brown came up and just rolled to show me his belly. I instantly jerked my fly and stirred up the run. Oh well, I'll get another upstream. WRONG! it took another two hours before I caught a few more Rainbows. I ran into a lot of sightseers and other fisherman. It was getting to be too crowded for my liking so I quit and started to walk back to my truck. I checked my watch and it had been four hours since I fished the first runs where my truck was at. I thought just maybe I could lure that brown to take my fly this time not just roll.

I crawled on all four and got in to casting position. I flipped my fly out and just as it hit the water bam again! This time he took. I felt that he was a little more hefty than the average fish but no lunke. I estimated him to be about 13 or 14 inches. Then in an instant I let him go under a rock since I was carefule with my 5x tippet. The tippet didn't break but in my effort to steer him out the fly came loose from his mouth. I said a few carefully selected words in disbelief. This was more than my nerves could take. I decided that I would call it a day and I told my wife when I got home. Two options sell my gear or go back to that hole very soon. What's your vote?

David Knapp
09-30-2006, 11:13 PM
I would highly recommend that you simply give your gear away in disgust. I will be glad to take the obviously horrible gear off of your hands so it will not bother you again ::)... Another very good possible option would be to take me to where you last saw the fish. It would be a pleasure to demonstrate that I can lose nice fish just as well 8-).

Seriously though, I would be there tomorrow morning myself. The fish gotta show some respect....

09-30-2006, 11:58 PM

I would be willing to take that Sage LL if your going to give it up ;) I would like to fish Little River a little more myself, the only thing I have against the portion along the road is the gawkers and other folks. I would have to hit it during the week during a less popular time in the Park for visitors. Mornings or late evenings would be best I guess to avoid tourists. I am surprised you haven't been hitting the brookie waters more, I bet things are starting to heat up at the higher elevations if water levels are good. Have fun, and I hope to be over that way soon.


10-01-2006, 11:49 AM

You are right, I had a lot of folks around me but that is kind of expected at that location. The reason I have spent more time on that river lately is the fact that It is close to Knoxville and the chance of something bigger hitting your fly is probably the greatest of all rivers this side of the hill. I was kind of burned out on the small stream after the tremendous sucess this spring. I guess I just needed different scenery. If you are coming this way we might give the brookies a try. I would kind of like to fish a bigger stream though since this year the water levels are ideal and your chances of getting a big brown is high this year with persistence. Btw, I don't know if I told you but I am off this Friday. I don't know if you are able to make it this week or not. Let me know.

10-01-2006, 01:58 PM
Go back!!!!

I was on a stretch of the LR two weeks ago. It was on a Monday afternoon, and I had caught several rainbows and a brown out of this one particular stretch, that I had all to myself. I had seen this absolutely huge fish, but couldn't get it to take, when all of a sudden I heard this voice from behind me, he said, "Do you mind if I take some pictures of you fishing?" I said I didn't mind, *::) but to please not to stand directly behind me, as I was standing in the middle of the river, and casting directly away from him. Of course I proceded to get the biggest wind knot, which I now have learned to know as an incompetency knot, in my tippett. As I sat and retied, the 5 year old with the photo man threw every dislodged rock she could find, into the run. *>:( I realized I was not meant to fish this run anymore, but most certainly will go back to it the next chance I get. So by all means, go back !!!!!


10-01-2006, 02:30 PM
I would keep the equipment--If you do sell the equipment I have a few good hobby ideas--true they are not as obsessive as fly fishing --they will have to do.
1)they say breeding and raising poodles is fun and you get to meet lots of really strange people
2)Become a refugee--walk by the highway--look pitiful--raggy clothes etc.--it is not the best way to pick up chicks-but some say it is fun.
3)Read on a dog food bag the other day--"for dogs with the constipation problem"--Did not buy the dog food--My dog is constipated--Why mess up a good thing-------Start research,developing a dog food that will constipate a dog--the fun will start after you make your 1st million.
4)Ask Byron and Jan if you can get a corner of the shop.Open a scuba diving shop--have not seen one scuba diving shop in Tenn.
5)Nobody collects Cobra fangs--See where I am going?Don't know if collectors value them---but you end up very religous and have reflexes like a cat.

I could go on and on--as you can see----there is life after fly fishing----

10-01-2006, 02:56 PM

LOL, believe it or not but a guy I used to work with is heavy in to scuba diving and if i'm not misinformed there is a shop here in Knoxville on Sutherland avenue for scuba diving stuff.

Anyway, I'm off this Friday but I don't know if I would like to hammer the same hole again. I might give it another week or two. I'm thinking another river another area for change of scenery. The fun part of living in these parts is the planning ahead of a trip. So many places to go so little time.

10-01-2006, 02:58 PM

Is it funny that every time someone is watching you either get a tangle, hook a tree or a finger or just plain fall in the river. I usaully catch something right after the spectators leave. Go figure!

Paula Begley
10-01-2006, 11:48 PM
I'm just wonderin' who "Jan" is.... :o

Is there something I need to know? ;)


10-02-2006, 07:43 AM
Uh oh..... :o Lauxier, uh, um....... How about those Mets, Paula??

Paula Begley
10-02-2006, 08:07 AM
Uh oh..... :o *Lauxier, uh, um....... *How about those Mets, Paula??


Hey, Chris...I'd say the Mets are livin' high....National League East Champs and the first post season birth since 2000. They are rockin'! ;)


10-02-2006, 05:29 PM
Sorry Paula--Must be loosing it--have never been good at names--replace jan with Paula--I apologize--by the way how is your husband Billy.LA

Paula Begley
10-02-2006, 06:52 PM

(shhh....billy is not my husband....)! 8-)

Now, if you are speaking of BillyBobByron, my husband (whose actual initials are BBB ;D)he is enjoying a few days of fishing in Florida with some life long buddies... ;)