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10-11-2006, 09:56 PM
Once upon a time in the Smokies,I was a streamer man.I had little ones and big ones--some were weighted-some were not--colors?--I had them all--Fall is streamer time--Browns love them--they have great names--muddler minnow--bitch creek--little kicker--knocker---12 speed--jett rink----some were named by guys who tied them-- they fished them--if they caught a fish on them--they named them-What with the asthetic dry fly,and the need to justify our fishing by the use and beleif in light tippets,which is honorable,and to catch trout matching the hatch-a dry fly riding--looking like a mayfly,corncob,whatever--i realize I have about forgot about streamers--think i will try a few next weekend--my friend Bob said "Streamers and the Smokies?--Water and Oil--What do you think????????

10-12-2006, 09:53 AM
I am a streamer fan! I think they have a place in everyone fly box. The Smokeys is no exception. In fact, I think small streamers can get you into fish you would not normally have a chance to catch. Look at some of the bigger fish in a stream; we all know that after a trout reaches a certain size it become a meat eater. Using a streamer on these fish will give you a better chance to hook up than with a dry fly.

I prefer smaller streamer for the Smokeys because I think the forage fish run a little smaller. This is just a guess on my part.........I may be wrong.


Wooly bugger 8/10 black, brown, olive.
Maribou streamer 10 white, gray
Muddler minnow 8 white
Mallard minnow 10 mallard flank with red or pink head.

Let me know what you think.