View Full Version : Browns on the East Prong

10-20-2006, 09:54 PM
I fished the East Prong of the Little River last Friday for about 4 hours. I started a short ways above the gate and finished up above the rock barricade on the trail. The fishing was fair and I caught quite a few rainbows. The thing that I realized on the way out was that I had not caught one brown. Usually in October on that stretch I catch a few nice browns. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

10-22-2006, 12:01 AM
quote author=Kytroutbum link=1160180886/0#7 date=1160591368]Two years ago, I was fishing the stretch (early Oct.)where Little River trail crosses with the wooden bridge above Elkmont. I had a 30+ fish day with more than a 1/3 being browns.Until the past few years, I've never caught a Brown above Elkmont, but now it seems they are becoming more common. Have any of you seen the same pattern? :-/ Two years ago, I spooked a nice hen brown (16-20 inch range) on a redd up a ways :-X[/quote]

Is this a pattern you've seen this fall, or is it the result of one trip? :-?

I, also,have noticed that off and on again patterns with the browns up there?

Have Browns in that stretch moved upstream to better environment for digging redds?(Quote above)
Or is there some unseen quirk in the environment, that is causing the 'bows to feed "better" than the browns? I guess I'll have to try to solve that problems in a week after next ;)