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10-28-2006, 02:07 PM
Alright, I know you guys are out fishing while I write this. *I can't go out today :'( because my dad is busy and well I can't drive yet. *But I do LOVE hearing from you guys and how your trips went. *So if you were out today when you get back tell me your story. I love reading them and replying to them. *It also helps me learn more about flyfishing since I started like two weeks ago. :o *I am doing well acording to my dad. *That is why I have so many questions. ;D I love to tie flys of my own because you can brag and say that I caught this Giant fish ;) on my own fly. *I love flyfishing even through I just started. *i have been spin fishing since I was 5, and my dad intodused me to flyfishing and I like it alot. *I can't wait to catch my first fish on a fly rod. ;D Well tell me your stories and I will tell you how I liked them. Thanks.

* * Giantfish