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10-29-2006, 08:11 PM
OK, I have got to tell you guys the story of how I started fly fishing. *A week ago my dad and I went to the Caney with a flyfishing club. *We got there and it was 33 degrees :P I was wearing a te- shirt, long sleeve shirt, two sweatshirts and a jacket and was still cold. :o I went to bed early with the heater in the tent. *That heater made the tent HOT! :o I got up in the morning to find out the dam was generating from 7 till 11. >:( >:( We were Mad. Finally after talking and learnig fly tips from the club we headed out. *That first day I stunk. *I hit the water every time I brought my rod up. *I also got attacked by bees and almost lost my fly. *Well that night I got a few more pointers and learned how to tie a wooly bouger. I had a big dinner to. Two bowls of tuna caserol and a steak and baked potato. :o I was full. We sat around the fire with the club and just had fun. *
* *
* The next day I did wonderful on my casting (No bees) ;D and my dad said I was doing great. *The thing is I lost every fish on the hook. *>:( *Then I went to spining rod and caught an 11" rainbow :) That night we got ready to leave and in the morning we left. *O yeah it was warmer the last two days. *
* *
* * I just wanted to tell you guys about my first attempt to fly fish, and hopefully my first fish will come soon. *I LOVE THIS SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

* *Giantfish

10-29-2006, 10:52 PM
Congrats Giantfish,

I have spent many a cold day on the caney. Even a seasoned FF can get skunked occasionally by this stream. Remember what you did right and wrong and improve on both! Also, when you go next time,check the generation schedule at the TVA web site and be very careful when fishing tailwater around generation time! Make sure to mark out objects around you and where the water level is. If you see it starting to rise time to bail!!!!! Again,congrats and keep FF....