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11-07-2006, 07:22 AM
Howdy people,

Has anyone out there had any experience with the Linville (especially the gorge section.) I'm starting to plan a small backpacking trip and this is an area I'm looking into. Thanks!

11-07-2006, 02:33 PM
This is an interesting topic for me. I too was looking into a trip in there after reading about some fantastic fishing down in there and talking to several older gentleman tell tales of fishing there. After talking to some more people, however, it became clear that something has seemed to have changed that part of the river. It seems that it has become less of a trout habitat over the years, with silting and a rise in water temperature taking place. It has become noted as a smallmouth fishery nowadays, with a very few number of trout, those few that can survive the conditions, being found in there.

Now all this is stuff that i have heard, as i haven't been there personally. It seems a pretty popular consensus, though, that from the people that have been there recently, it's really not good trout water. Just try and research it even more and see if you can find anyone that has been there recently. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions just ask. Have a great day.

11-07-2006, 08:15 PM
I camped that area back in early Sept. The scenery is incredible, but I dont think the fishing is. That's only from what I have heard though. I've never actually fished there.

Here is a photo of the gorge from my camping trip. It is a very rugged and beautiful area.


11-07-2006, 10:33 PM
I have also heard that it is an absolutely gorgeous place, one of the most pristine around. From what i have heard, however, i wouldn't plan a FISHING trip there, but maybe a hiking trip or something. At one time, the area was supposed to be legendary for it's brown trout fishery, with fish up to 10lbs in there, but from what i've heard times have changed and the fishing is no longer good......

Again, all this is what i've been told, so you never know.