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11-15-2006, 12:34 AM
I have been too busy at work to spend much time on the board. But recently have been enjoyng posts from gaintfish. He sounded just like my son! Same seince project and everything. This evening I viewed the picture board for the first time. What a surprise when I noticed a prictue of my son I took on our last mtff outing to the Caney Fork. How in the world did gaintfish get one of my pictures? Putting 2 & 2 together it dawned on me that gaintfish is my 14yr old son. Trying to be a good father I check the history one his computer every once in a while. Only sites for school and games, but the lro site showed up several times also. Now I know why. He has been told to stay off message boards due to the improper sites out there. But what can I say. Lro has the cleanest and safest site around. Thank you Byron & Paula for providing a site I feel my son can go on and not have to worry about who he is talking to.
Now the bad news for him. Mid terms for his freshman year were not up to par. >:( Due to the fact that I could buy about 15-20 top of the line fly rods with the money I am paying on tution for his and his litte sister's private schools. No computer acess at home unless it is for homework! Lucky for him his computer class teacher allows him acess to LRO during free time in class. So we can still enjoy his post, just not as many. ;D Thanks again Byron and Paula for a great site. My last trip up I had to leave him home because of a cross country race he had to run in. But we are looking to make a trip around late Febuary or March. His favorte celebirty is Left kerh, so It was hard for him to stay home. He does not believe me when I tell him that when we go back in the shop Paula and Byron will know who gaintfish is by his post. "that is the kind of people they are, like good friends" was my comment. And I really feel thet way! Thanks Vern

Paula Begley
11-15-2006, 08:29 AM
OOOOooooopppps! *:D *Studying and good grades are way more important than posting on a message board...even this one!

Kudos to a vigilant Dad! *;) *


ps: *Thank you for your kind comments...and reassure Giantfish we will know him when he comes in the shop next.

Still...I don't think it is a good idea to let anyone know how old you are on any message board...

11-15-2006, 10:32 AM
That is a pretty funny story right there. Grades are definitely more important though, hopefully they will improve. I don't think you really realize how important doing well in school is until you get out......

Anyways, i think it's great that your son not only has an interest in fly fishing, but seems to have a passion for it (just gotta make sure it doesn't interfere with school). When i was his age and even older, fly fishing was always a saving grace for me. It provided me with a good hobby that may have kept me out of trouble ;). When all of my friends were going off for spring break, i was backpacking to hazel with my father and uncle. When they all decided to go out to parties or whatever, i couldn't go because i had to get to bed early so i could wake up before dawn and go fishing. The point is, fly fishing offered me both a way to spend quality time with my family and to stay out of trouble. As i've gotten older, i've really learned to cherish the time spent out on the water with my father or uncle, and i guarantee that your son will too. I can guarantee that i'm better off on a stream than going to the beach for spring break. I'm older now, early 20's, and i'm really thankful for what the sport of flyfishing has done for me.

11-15-2006, 11:21 AM
Hi I'm right here, Also this did not affect my grades it was power point. This is free time so I know grades are more important! I WILL IMPROVE THEM. It took him a while to find out. I thought he already know after the Caney post! Well he said I could use this board a while back so I did. I'm not in "trouble" It just surprised him. ;) Also whats wrong with a father and son on a board together. Also dad read some of my, old post. You will like them.


11-15-2006, 02:39 PM
I read some of your old posts. Made me proud that you are so intrested that you started posting to learn more about the sport. It also showed me that together we are creating memories that will last you a life time. NOW CRACK OPEN A BOOK AND STUDY!

11-15-2006, 03:07 PM
Vern, *as I told your son in one of his posts, it's good to see and inquisitive and intelligent younger person on the board...Being local law enforcement I deal with some less than desirable teens and for that matter their parents! :-/ *That being said it's pretty funny to look back on my troubled youth, which wasn't all that long ago, and wishing that I would have discovered fly fishing a little sooner in life. *This probably would have kept me out of quite a bit of trouble with my folks. *I remember being 14-15yrs old and attempting to get out of the house as much as possible to hang with friends. Not about how, when, where to fish, when my next trip to LRO was, and what I was going to buy with my dads money! ;D My father and I are both avid members to the board..So no giantfish it's not strange! ;) *And now that the online catalog is up and running it's a good way for dad to get a Christmas wish list! ::) *We both enjoy LRO, the board, knowledge on the board, and being able to fish these great East TN waters. *In reference to Paula's statement regarding posting age or anyother personal info on any board is absolutely true. *Having knowledge of the county's crimes I can honestly say that this county is no different than any large city in the US. *Population is the only thing that keeps the crime rate to a minimum. *As far as the type of crimes ie. murder, rape, child predators, these crimes do occur in this county just not to the extent of major city, but non the less they do happen right here in our lil community. It a sad but true fact. *Computer crimes are growing by leaps and bounds making agencies without computer crime prevention scramble to assemble teams and combat these people. *Giving any type of personal information is bad for the user and good for the perp. *In this county in particular most of the computer crimes we see are physically stolen ID's, social sec. cards, and credit cards then seeing them apply this knowledge on a computer making large transfers and purchases online with new credit cards that have been ordered under that name. *You would not believe how big of a headache these guys cause us and especially the headache they cause the poor folks that have thier info stolen.. As far as the age thing goes I know one thing to be certian child predators prey on two things in chat room or message board. *Age and if this isn't available type of discussion or vocabulary being used by the user. *It's a baseline for the predators to get a good idea what type of educational background this person has and the type of discussion also leaving a window of oppurtinity. *Example chat rooms such as little leage baseball, cheerleading, soccer, band gives the predator a good idea of the age of the user, and intrest of the user. *It's obvious to say that even a little leage coach wouldn't be in this room let alone any other adult for that matter. *

Computer programs are available out there to watch your kids activities online. *That being said there is one thing that I have personally noticed while on the job. -----Involvement-----Parents who are involved with thier kids are less likely to have any form of trouble with thier kids. *I'm not talking about knowing their every move but getting involved in school and at home activities such as fly fishing. *No better way, I think. *I think it would amaze alot of you all to see what we get to see out here. *Everything from parents calling us because they don't know how to dicipline their child in ages from 5 to 17. * What's really sad is taking a kid to juvenile for that kid to meet a bunch of other seriously troubled kids and make new friends. *Making the problem with the kid you took much worse. *Kids feed of from one another sometimes creating a vicuous cycle. *Parents also making the mistake of threatening punishment, such a trip to juvenile, and not coming through with thier word. *Another draw back to taking a kid to jail is seeing thier home enviornment, and apparent lack of income, and taking them trough a system which to be quite frank is all about money. *It's unbelievable to see the amount of money one trip to juvenile costs these parents. *Making the home situation much worse and sometimes getting what parenting they had in trouble for not paying court costs and fines. *Then getting DCS (department of child services) involved when mommy or daddy goes to jail. *I think kids also feed on the simple fact that they know their record will be expunged when they turn 18 which in most cases are true.

All that being said, Giantfish if you reading, don't post personal information on the web and be really carefull when chatting online. *Chat with people you know to be your friends..As far as the message board goes the guys at LRO are really on top of things getting, I'm going to say it again, Involved in the board and it's members..Alot of boards such as this go unmoderated and alow just about any type of posting that doesn't regard sales or spammers. *Good Job LRO! :)

Oh and Byron the picture board getting people in trouble was not the plan! *LOL!!! *I also enjoyed seeing you post the visit to the pages on your fishing report yesterday!!! *Very interesting I hope those numbers regarding the photo board keep up for you! *I also have some scenery pictures dad said you liked, I'll be sending you.

Keep up the good parenting Vern and hope to see you and your son out enjoying these waters!

11-21-2006, 06:05 PM
Where is the picure board?

11-21-2006, 06:31 PM
Go to liitle rivers homepage and there is a link called "photo board", just click and enjoy.