View Full Version : My Fly Fishing Trip last weekend

11-15-2006, 03:56 PM
What a great time my wife and I had being back in the mountain albeit for a couple of days. Since my wife is a shopper not a fly fisher I found myself in a deliema of how to get out to the streams I was planning tio fish. Thankfully I was able to rent a Jeep at a fairly reasonable price of $79.00. My next goal was to get to LRO to meet the folks responsible for this great website and to get line put on a reel.

The visit to LRO could not have been better, other than better news about the fishing. Josh did a great job of matching the right line for the reel and took my other reel and show me the professional way of connecting notless leaders to the line. Dan, the brainchild of the web page, check out a competitor's reel i was going to use and noticed it had been set up in correctly. He set it up and it's never worked better. Glen checked me out but while at the count Byron took time to come up and introduce himself. Next to actually getting out to the water, this was the highlight of my trip. Thanks LRO Folks.

Oh by the way, the streams were still a little blown out but just casting in the streams of the Smokys.Wow

David Knapp
11-16-2006, 12:16 AM
Just another good example of why LRO is the best in the business!! Great post!