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11-20-2006, 06:46 PM
I know you guys will order just about anything for your customers! *So my question is will you guys order blanks and components for your customers! *I had an ugly experience with a retailer in Jersey today...go figure...I guess they didn't care for the accent! *One of the last things he said to me when I asked him if he could email me a copy of the order was "What do you want me to do here" translation in my head at the time "Are you kidding me I'm too busy" [smiley=angry.gif] [smiley=angry.gif] [smiley=angry.gif]. *So I don't think I'll be placing my order with these folks, which is a shame because they had a good deal! *Anyhow I can minimalize the order to two companies and pay shipping if neccesary and I don't plan on returning them, if anything messing them up while building them!

I'd be looking at a Loomis blank, but I am open to Sage and St Croix. *Pacific Bay would be where I'd be wanting to order the components and could go with Struble!

I'd appreciate being able to buy from you fine country folk anyhow!

Anyhow If you all can how do I go about finding out prices! *Looking for a 7.5 3wt rod if that helps
Thanks as always,

Byron Begley
11-25-2006, 07:19 PM

We can get blanks from Winston, Sage and St Croix. We'll order anything you want. I think I talked to you about this in a PM but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring this post.