View Full Version : Insects on the South Holston River

Hugh Hartsell
11-26-2006, 11:08 AM
:) Good morning everyone and I hope you had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful. We had some clients up on the South Holston River yesterday and the weather was about as good as you could ask for at this time of the year. I wanted to post this report to let you know what I saw and when it took place since we have a few more days of nice weather before it goes down hill. Maybe you can squeeze in a few hours if the water is not running all day. We started just about the time the water was going down(12:30PM) and worked on casting and mending techniques for about two hours. The temperature had been rising steadily all day and it did not have a great impact on the insects until the middle of the afternoon. Somewhere about 3:00PM, a Creme Midge hatch#24-30 started becoming heavy and kept on getting a little heavier for the next hour. At about 4:30, a real nice hatch of Little Dark Olive Caddisflies#20-22 started coming off and along with that a light hatch of Sulfurs#18 began to blend in with all the others that were on the water. The feeding just turned into a frenzy and spawning browns were also freejumping in different places as well. Many of the fishermen had moved from the river by this time and it was a sight to behold. I haven't seen this much Caddis activity on this river before but it sure let's you know they are in there. Maybe this will help someone that might be on the river today or a little later. Good fishing to you.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.