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Byron Begley
12-12-2006, 12:15 PM
Thanks Trevor for sending us those great photos for the Picture Board, especially "Fly Fishing Love". I've sat on that bench many times starting back 25+ years ago. I have rented that small house above the dam several times. Sat there once with Harrison Steeves, the guy who wrote "Terrestrials". Met Joe Humphreys there the first time when he was a young man and I was a very young man. Some of my flies are probably still in that tree. I used to cast midges into that pool. Cumberland County, Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places. Next time you are there try Big Spring Creek or the Letort. Haven't been there in two or three years. Can't wait to go back. I'll post the photos in the Scenic Section of the Picture Board in a few minutes.

Thanks again,


12-12-2006, 08:23 PM
that's very interesting to hear. I've been up there in the late summer or fall for the past 3 years and love it. I know it's not in some remote wilderness, and there's alot of people around, but there's something really special about that little town (boiling springs, PA) alot of fly fishing history, and it's funny that you know that same bench there! I took that picture of that old couple because I kind of figured that might be me one day. sitting on some old bench in my waders with my wife and my fly rod by my side, just staring into the river. did you ever fish "the run" ? I love that section. by the way, are you talking about this house?

Byron Begley
12-13-2006, 10:17 AM

That's the house. They call it the Stillhouse and it was built in the 1700's. I stayed there once during the Whitefly hatch. The porch would be covered with mayflies every morning. The Allenberry pepole would sweep them off every day. "The Run", what a great place. Back in the late 70's and early 80's there was a lot more water running through it. At some point they diverted some of the flow to the other run that goes by the swimming pool which lowered the flow in the Run. I was there one morning, suffering from a terrible cold in the Spring. It had rained all night and The Run was muddy. I tied on a black Wooly Bugger and caught a 24" brown. My buddy Frank stayed and fished while I went to town to get the pictures developed at a one hour photo. When I returned I stopped by the fly shop to pick up some more black wooly buggers. They were out of them. The guy told me they had plenty but some fella caught a huge brown trout on one that morning and he sold out of them immediately. I pulled out a picture and showed him the trout.


12-13-2006, 01:42 PM
I've been to the Letort everytime I've been up there, but I just can't figure out how or where to fish it. the fly shop up there showed me how to get to the stretch where the plaques of fox and mariarno are on the rocks, but it's like trekking into a swamp. I'm definitely going to spend more time on it next year.