View Full Version : Fishing in St. Augustine Fl area

12-14-2006, 09:35 PM
Hi Byron/Paula, I was wondering if you would have any thoughts on St. Augustine Fl area. Also I like the look of the Web site. I have been doing some research for someone I am going to send your way. He is looking for the right reel to go with a 4 weight bambo rod.


Byron Begley
12-15-2006, 03:11 PM
Hi Raymond,

Welcome to the board. Hope you'all have been doing well. I don't know anything about St. Augustine. Paula and I usually fish the Gulf unless we're in the Keys. I just looked at a map and nothing in that area looks familiar. Here's a link I found for the St. Augustine Fly Fishing Club. http://www.oldcity.com/sites/flyclub/index.htm

Their site doesn't look to active. Their events calendar ran out in 2002. Maybe someone will post who knows about the area.

Take care Raymond. I guess we'll see you in the Spring.


12-20-2006, 01:58 PM
There are several shops in the Jacksonville area that guide and fish down St. Augustine way as well as north of the Jax area. One of them used to have a web page, the shop goes by the name "The Salty Feather". One of their better guides is a John Peyton and Florida Sportsman just did an article on Fly fishing for Reds with him, that I believe was in the St. Augustine area. If John couldn't help you, perhaps he could suggest someone.


PS: If you have trouble locating John or are interested in doing so, let me know. I can get his number from his sister, she attends our church here in Jax.