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David Knapp
12-19-2006, 11:50 PM
I'm looking for some good blackfly patterns. Does anyone have any that they would be willing to share? Any general information and background on these bugs would be helpful also...thanks!

Hugh Hartsell
12-20-2006, 05:51 AM
:) David, here's one that you can play around with and alter to your liking. It will be hot in almost any fashion that you choose to tie it in. The critical thing right at the moment is the size of hook that you use. The flies that are hatching off right at the moment on the South Holston are about a size #26. They may be a little larger on the Clinch River.

Hook: Tiemco 2487-#22-26
Thread: Black Unithread 8/0 or other 14/0
Weight: Lead wire or non toxic wire tied in at the hookbend to produce a slight hump or colored red or amber wire wrapped for an underbody effect
Body: Black or Olive Brown Micro Tubing
Air bubble:Optional-clear bead
Gills: White poly pro yarn or tip segement of white ostrich herl. This is tied in at the hookeye and may need to be tied in before starting the body. Some people may add a coating of clear epoxy or Knot Sense to show a smooth body. Either will catch fish.

The feeding usually starts off with the fish feeding on emergers and showing a slight bulge in the surface as they take the fly. If the conditions are pretty warm, you may see this change to taking dries. Adjust accordingly and good luck.
* *Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.

12-20-2006, 10:12 AM
PA, Hugh's recipe is a good one ;) Here is a link with some others http://www.westfly.com/feature/0204/feature_658.htm. Also do a google search for Simuliidae and look at some of the pictures and use them as a reference for your ties.

David Knapp
12-20-2006, 12:52 PM
Hugh, thanks a bunch! I believe I'll have to get some smaller hooks. I've only got some down to size #24.

Stretch, thanks for the link. It was very informative and had some good patterns. Now I just need to tie up a few of these and go fishing!