View Full Version : Poisson Rouge! Redfish!

12-23-2006, 12:43 PM
Good morning all! *Its been a week and a half since I posted, went to south Louisiana over the last three days and boy was it worth it. *It rained like crazy, and lower Terrebnonne parish recieved over 6 inches of rain. *But the tide was unusually high, the duck ponds were crystal clear, and *the water temps in the upper sixties... *the reds were on fire! *I caught 16 redfish in about a three hour span in between showers, all between 4 to 5 pounds. *It was great to have a fish on every 10 minutes or so. *I used kirks spoon flies and my own variation of a peanut bunker sized 2/0. *I was in my father's pirogue literally 5 minutes out of the backyard. *The analogy would be LRO just minutes away from the smokies. *I'm coming up to Knoxville the first week of January, I hope I can get out somewhere for an hour or two. *The tailwaters may be my best bet. *I'll be in the Powell area; anyone here anything about how the clinch is fishing? *The TVA website shows them to be generating quite a bit...

Oh yeah, about half of what I caught was on commie tackle though... gold spoons with grub trailers.