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12-25-2006, 10:02 PM
want to thank LRO for being good to me and my family--have bought rods and reels--my nephew says you guys and girls are great--my sister bought some gear(she hikes)---she.and her husband John are quick to comment on--how nice paula was---was quick to tell them I thought Paula was really Jan--SO MERRY CHRISTMAS TO BYRON AND PAULA AND JAN AND THE REST OF THE CREW AT LRO-----------------LAUXIER,JO(WIFE),COCO(DOBERMAN),TOM(MALE CAT AND LOCAL LOVER),FLY(BORDER COLLIE),BIG BOY(ANGUS BULL),COWS,WILD TURKEYS,RUDY(ROOSTER,CLOSE FRIENDS TO 6 HENS),SIS(A TENNESSEE WALKER MARE)AND KATE AND BIB(2 TENNESSEE WALKER FILLIES-------........