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01-16-2007, 04:02 PM
Hey does anyone wanna just disappear into the mtns for a while? This spring, just go off with a flyrod and plan to return sometime before winter? Gosh, latetly I just wanna leave this world behind for a while... Just out of curiosity...has anyone ever done this? I envy you! ;D I dont know, just something about the thought of a 16yr old boy and his yellow lab off into the mtns just living life. (Sigh) That dream is too far away....guess Ill have to settle for a brook trout day trip and just (kinda, sorta) get lost...;)


01-16-2007, 05:26 PM

I think there's a little bit of that in all of us no matter how old we get! *I remember 16. *I grew up in the country,hunting,fishing,and trapping. These are the fond memories that made me who I am today. *

I have always wanted to thru-hike the AT and fly fish along the way. *So, when I retire I am going to do just that. *When that day comes I will pack up leave from Springer Mountain GA and hike and fly fish the 2200 miles to Kantahdin Maine. *

Dream big,be responsible and one day your dreams will come true!!!
* * DryFly1

01-16-2007, 07:45 PM

Since you are 16 years old, I assume you have no wife, no kids, and no debt. If I was you, I would go to out west or to Alaska and be a FF guide. If you don't want to be a guide....then just get some sort of job that will get you by so that you can spend time most of your time fishing.
Whatever you do...don't sit around wishing your life away.


01-16-2007, 08:15 PM
You should look into the summer work programs at Yellowstone. They offer free housing and a small stipened on top of that. If your age doesn't qualify you, look into the Youth Conservation Corp. They have a summer program for 15-18 year olds.

If I were 16 with minimal responsibilities, I'd be all over that.

01-16-2007, 08:16 PM
Aww man do you know how much I wanna hike the AT? It runs right through my town (Damascus, VA) and I could deffinately lay down my fly rod for a while to do that! Just Molly and me.... ::) (shes my dog)

I bet you would be amazed at how many times Ive run "Fly fishing guide" by my Mom as a career choice. Truth is, I know a guy who left behide a good job to open a shop here and start guiding. He says he hasnt regretted it at all, but I know some of the things he puts up with. I love dogs so Im leanin' to a vet (Ive got the grades--4.0 :D) and I cant tell ya how much I just wanna go do somethin every minute b/c Im afraid that Im not gonna be here....

Ive set a few things to do before I graduate high school like...
1)fish big horseshoe on Abrams
2)summit Mt. Rogers
3)a few day hikes on the AT
4)fish as much as possible
5)fish and hike some more...
6)meet as many people as I can along the way
oh and I almost forgot 7)learn to nymph fish w/o an indicator

and I guess something else to think about is finding a girlfriend...who loves big yellow dogs and flyfishing...(I doubt the market is flooded w/ those)....thanks guys for your awsome words of advice.


01-16-2007, 08:48 PM

Looks like a great list to conquer. I wish I was 16 again. Why only day hikes? If you really want to experience the great outdoors, why not get a group of buds together and during spring break or in the summer do some "Section Hikes" on the AT. Load up your pack,food,"fly rod" and hit the trail with Molly for some extended camping,fly fishing and hiking. They even make some cool little "backpacks for dogs. You can do some serious bluelining along the way!

Enjoy- DryFly1

01-17-2007, 02:20 AM
I know exactly how you feel. when I was 16, I didn't fly fish. if I had, I can tell you my life would be entirely different today. I would have went to montana state university, that's for sure! I'm 25 now and just now going back to school. the past few years I've been a semi trout bum, being able to fish at some periods for 4-5 days a week. during the past 3 and a half years of my fly fishing career, I've worked a string of "just ok" jobs, underutilizing my potential. I've had a great time, but I realize that in that time period i could have acheived alot more. my advice is, whatever you do, make sure you get an education first, and fish around that. there's a very interesting book you might like to read. its called "into the wild" by jon krakauer. its the true story of a guy who after graduating from emory university in atlanta empties his savings account of the $24k that was in it, donating it to the poor or something like that. gets in his old yellow datsun and drives to the middle of the desert somewhere in the southwest. he takes the little cash he has out of his pocket, burns it, and hitchhikes his way to alaska over the course of a couple months. once in alaska he walks off into the wilderness. well, they end up finding him dead, which is no good, but the story of this guy is fascinating. it will definitely make you want to travel!

appalachian angler
01-17-2007, 09:14 AM

Those goals you listed seem to be very realistic and attainable! When I was your age I wasted nearly all of my energy chasing girls...highly overrated! Persue your dreams and the "right" girl will follow...probably when you least expect it! Your Excellant grades should give you some leverage to get you one of those conservation jobs out west...WOW...what a great opportunity!If you want to guide one day, get your fly tying skills moving foward now during the slow fishing times, and get out and practise your casting when ever possible. Go to some FFF conclaves if possible and work on your casting instructor certification. These will give you some marketable skills to put on a resume! Try and get someone from TU or FFF to sponser you, to vouch for your talents. Follow your dreams, keep your grades up and go for it! You have done well grasshopper!


01-17-2007, 10:09 AM
Thats a great idea but nobody else here fishes or even hikes for that matter. Just Molly and me. Believe me Molly already has a "saddlebag"- she carries my water. I dont know...I may persuade a few people I know to follow me into the wilderness.

Thats not the ending I was looking for! ;D ....Im reading some of Jimmy Buffet's books so Im already thinkin about traveling alot. I wanna go bonefishin'...

Theres only one thing more confusing than girls--trout. If I become a vet I may not necessarily do domestic animal, I can go work on wildlife preserves...Ill probably do that. Thanks for the advice "master"-- hey speaking of 'grasshopper', Im ready for some summer fishin!

According to Gierach, I cant be a TroutBum until atleast thirty....hmmm, guess Im half way there! Thanks guys...