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Gerry Romer
01-20-2007, 01:49 PM
Hey Byron --

I was going to PM you but then thought why not post this and see if others had the same thought. Going for a concensus. ;)

If it's not too late, could you have Sarah add another topic area to the message board? I thought of calling it "Re: Byron". This would be a forum area where we could comment on, add to, or otherwise discuss items and topics raised in your daily fishing report. I think it would help to keep the other forums clean and on topic while giving us all a place to go off topic and of on another tangent.

What do y'all think??

Gerry Romer

Paula Begley
01-20-2007, 02:42 PM

Once we get the board going, we will be able to add forum headers. I think it would be cool to have "Fishing Report Discussion" or something like that.

I am sure Byron will weigh in, too.


01-20-2007, 05:46 PM
That is a neat idea. He always offers up some interesting tidbit during the fishing report, which i read everyday by the way.