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01-27-2007, 10:27 PM
Bringing some of the people in my Truss Design dept to spend a weekend in the gsmnp. March 3rd and 4th. tried to get them to sign up for lro lessons but no takers. I have 2 that just want to follow me. I was thinking about going in the backcountry if the water temps are up. My problem is that i have hard enough time keeping from putting decoys in the trees and neither of these men have ever held a fly rod. Where do you all suggest I take them. Wide open space would be a good thing. I personaly can't think of a good place to take them.

David Knapp
01-27-2007, 10:48 PM
That time of year can be kinda tough in the mountains depending on the weather. It could also be very good. If the weather is good, then the fishing should be good in the lower elevations probably and you won't need to hike away from the roads. Metcalf would probably be a good place to start out to work on casting, etc. There should be enough room there to get some good practice in and then you can move to other places once they can cast a bit. Even better, have them get some practice in ahead of time on a pond or even lawn casting. If I had someone new to fishing with me, I would probably take them to Middle Prong if the water is warm enough there. Abrams can fish good early in the season as well but the wading can be dangerous.

01-27-2007, 11:42 PM

Quiet the conundrum. *Barring bad weather sounds like a good plan. *I have taken many friends and family on "first" FF adventures. *Typically I take them to the little river area around elkmont. *It provides many good larger stream areas and for right handers (which they have always been) I can stay on the road side of the stream and it keeps them out of the trees better. *Generally I spend some time teaching them dry and nymph techniques,how to read water,knots etc.. *Then I give them a few flies and turn them loose while I get in some fishing myself! *I usually return a few hours later,critique their tehniques,give them "more" flies,have a good laugh and return to fishing. Has always worked for me. *It's great if you can have them prepared before hand, uuuuhum, but this has never worked! *In addition, I typically check the water temps and stay at lower elevations if needed. Generally I check the water temp at the Y and forgo the trip up if the water is really cold here and then try out the middle prong.

Backcountry- *Unless they are already "geared up" I don't try this anymore. *The shear logistics of this is too monumental if you are planning overnighters. *Green horns with no equipment and clue have no business in the backcountry for anything more than a dayhike until prepared. Been there-done that!!!

Have a great time and good luck with the future fly fisherman. * *DryFly1 *

01-28-2007, 04:41 AM
yeah, I'd say metcalfe would be perfect this time of year. I wouldn't take someone there when the tourists were out, just to save them the embarrasment of being watched the whole time. abrams would be excellent if it weren't for the deadly wading. the few people that I've taken fly fishing for the first time were having so much fun casting, that I don't think they ever even cared if they caught a fish. the few times I've taken people, I'll of course hook them up with rod, leader, tippet etc. but I have one rule, you buy a few flies. I don't care to give them some of mine, but I don't want them depleting my fly box. also, I usually tell them exactly how much the rod they are holding costs. you have to reinforce this with some people, or they'll be poking it into the ground or throwing it around like its an ugly stick.

Gerry Romer
01-28-2007, 02:10 PM
Vern --

Head out of Metcalf Bottoms going toward Elkmont. Just before the turnoff to Elkmont there's a large parking area on the right, off Little River Road, back in the trees . The parking lot's big enough for about 6 or 8 cars and there's atually a drive through route so it's pretty easy to spot. The water's on the right side there so it's good for us right-handers. Park and gear up, then hike back down the road about a hundred yards (maybe more). Just before the road makes a curve back to your left there's a break in the trees and easy access from the stream bank. This is a fairly broad and flat stretch of water at this location, and if the water's not running too fast it's easy to wade. You can do some upstream casting, across stream casting, and even downstream casting into the riffle at the road curve. As you wade upstream back to the parking lot, you can get into some casting to stream-side obstructions, too. Last summer, I watched a large bow take a large grasshopper that fell in the water between a couple branches that were sticking up out of the water :o

If you and your buds don't scare 'em off, you might even catch one or two. ;D

Gerry Romer

01-28-2007, 04:43 PM
Do these guys want to catch fish or just get out there in the smokies? Why not take them to the Gburg DH and show them a few things and then maybe take them into the park.

01-28-2007, 09:06 PM
Thanks for all the advice, I took my brother last year and he was real disappointed with the small streams and the small fish. Sad, because that is what i love about GSMNP. I was thinking about starting them in Gatlinburg. There is an area just past the bypass gion out of town that i take gaintfish since he is too old for the childrens stream. I have caught some nice stockers there.But to me it's not the same. Gerry, I think I know the spot you are talking about, I also was thinking about going up toward Greenbriar. Little longer drive but the river is fairly open.

Rog 1
01-30-2007, 10:03 AM
You could also start in at the HQs and fish up the WP of LP for a ways...water is fairly flat here and the river is wider than where it starts to climb higher up......

01-30-2007, 11:56 AM
vern had a good spot for newbies. the old ccc picnic area offers wider spaces and i caught a 15" brown in that area a couple of years ago. it is also close enough to just drive on up to little river trail above Elkmont in 5 minutes.

01-30-2007, 11:57 AM
ooppps gerry had a good idea....can't read before noon.