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01-29-2007, 12:48 PM
I was in Arkansas this weekend, and I went fishing with a buddy of mine on the Little Red River near Heber Springs. Anyway, this is a tailwater fishery that has some nice rainbows and browns. Since they were releasing a lot of water (generation started around 6 am) the river is too high and fast to fish after noon (where we were about 8 miles below the dam). We got there Saturday at about 11am without much luck (because of the high water). We got an early start Sunday morning and had some better luck ( I ended up with a couple that were 15 inches). The cold weather (~28 degrees) made for some interesting fishing Sunday--especially when the guides on the rod kept icing over (you had to keep dipping the rod in the water to remove the ice)! There are supposedly a lot bigger ones in the river! Hope I make it back out there again before too long.