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01-30-2007, 09:51 PM
Ok I figuered out the whole FF thing except one part, how do you land the fish once on the hook? and not lose it! Also another question, how can you tell the differences of the haches? I mean they all fly and look the same?

01-30-2007, 10:55 PM
alot of them do look alike. you don't always know, and finding out what the trout are eating can be a challenge, but that's half the fun of fishing. generally, you can know what they are if you know what should be hatching that time of year. for example, if you know that blue winged olives may be hatching and you see something flying around, try and catch one. if its kind of olive colored and has greyish blue wings, you know its a blue winged olive. sometimes in the smokies there can be many different flies hatching at once. if you're not sure what they are, look around in your fly box and pick something that sort of looks like one. if sulphurs are hatching and you don't have any, just try some mayfly that's yellow, or a light color. it may work just as well. you can make it real complicated, but keep it simple and just try to "match the hatch". if nothings hatching, try something that may have recently been hatching, as they may remember it and still take it. as time goes on you'll find certain flies that you are successful with and will develop confidence in using them.

01-31-2007, 10:13 AM
ttas is correct about the hatches. Now about landing the fish; make sure you keep constant tension on the line the whole time. When the fish gets close to yu, strip line in and raise your rod so there is still pressure on the line. The pressure on the line keeps the fish from throwing the hook, usually. Also, get a net. ;D

One time, I hooked a big fish way up in Elkmont. I think it was 16" brown which was a HUGE fish for me at the time. In fact it is still the biggest fish i ever caught up there. When I hooked it, my dad was telling me that it wasn't that big, but i knew that it was. When it got close to me it started thrashing about and I thought it was going to throw the hook and get away without letting me get a picture. So I grabbed my net and took off running after it. I got it in my net, but not before I fell in the river and almost landed on it. Then to beat it all, my dad didn't bring his camera. >:(