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02-24-2007, 08:45 PM
Hello all. Ended up getting out today since the weather was so warm and nice out. I have been wanting to head out to eastern tn and try some different places out so this morning about 6:30 i headed out, along with my dad, for a long drive. We ended up probably getting in the river about 10 and the weather was already beautiful and temperatures felt like they were near 50 already. I rigged up with some flies that mr. hartsell had tied for me, a biot bodied cahill and a blue streaker nymph. My dad got in the water first and fished for about 20 minutes and got no signs of any fish, so i hopped in and within about 5 minutes i landed a very colorful rainbow about 7" or so. We worked our way upstream, but didn't have any luck at all for probably about an hour and a half. We noticed some bugs hatching off, but the fish didn't seem to be feeding at all. We switched flies around a little bit and finally i settled on a combination of an abrams creek searcher nymph and my trusty favorite, the smbsh. We fished for probably another 30 minutes and still nothing. I was getting pretty discouraged, but then i manage to land another very beautiful rainbow. Soon after that, i began to catch a fish about every 5 minutes, most on the abrams creek searcher nymph, but the hatch activity seemed to be no different than it was earlier........... This went on for about an hour and the fishing was great! Nothing too big, but they were all very fiesty and colorful, some of the most beautiful rainbows i think i have ever seen! Then, the clouds rolled in very quickly and the wind picked up and as fast as the fishing started getting good, it quickly turned off. I guess the approaching front turned them off.......

All in all, a very good day to get out. It was slow at times, but we caught a good number of fish and the weather was gorgeous. Just a great day to be in the outdoors! Hope everyone else got to get out and enjoy it.


Another Smoky Mtn. Blackbird Soft Hackle Victim



02-24-2007, 09:44 PM
Hey mtnman,

Great story and pics! Gotta love that BlackBird...