View Full Version : First time on the Clinch

03-05-2007, 03:07 PM
I had a "fellas" weekend in the Smokies this past weekend and fished the the park for a few hours Saturday with no luck but had fun taking a few pictures.

Stopped by LRO and they suggested the Clinch on Sunday if I had time before heading back to Middle Tennessee.

I got there about an just after lunch and fished for about three hours and had a blast at Miller's Island.
When the sun cam out...the little fingerlings were jumping all over and I landed a few of them on a zebra midge.
I was missing a lot of fish so I tied on a dry and dropped the midge just below and even landed a few on the dry.
You had to take a few breaks for the wind gusts, but I did enjoy the river and landed 10 to 12 fish.

It's great to try a place that's new to you especially after being skunked in the park. Another bonus...this place is only 20 minutes or so from my sister-in-law's so next time they want to shop...I'll head up 75.

Take care guys and thanks to Joe and Daniel at LRO for the help in finding the access point.