View Full Version : Snowy Smoky report.

03-05-2007, 11:20 PM
Arrived friday afternoon, After stoping a LRO to buy Lincense started on Little river a couple of mile below the elkmont turn off. Found one trout rising and after several tries throwing across the current had one rise to a #14 Parachute Adams. Needless to say i wasn't paying attention and missed it. I then tied on a BHHE. I noticed a wind knot in my leader but figured that it would be OK. WRONG, Finaly had a good strike and ended up with a 4 foot tapered leader. Live and learn.
Saturday I started on the middle prong, didn't have much luck. Noticed a hatch of some small Olive bugs, the some larger bugs that byron gussed was Quill Gordons came off. The trout were not intrested at all. Rigged up a tandem rig with a #12 bhhe and a 12 red cooper john. Had a nice little rainbow on that seemed to get off way too easy. After I brought the line in I noticed that the dropper line was wraped aroung the BHHE creating a snagfree hook (or self releasing fish). Live and Learn again!
Sunday i woke up and looked out the window to snow. Figured what the heck I wasn't doing any good down low so why not try up high. Headed up to chimmey tops past the loop the loop. Suited up and headed to the river throught the snow. Even had one either very hardy or stupid trout rise to a dry. After I missed that strike checked the temp. 35-37 degrees. Headed to the truck and returned to Nashville.

03-06-2007, 11:57 AM
Sounds like you had similar luck to me, but at least you got a fish to rise to a dry. Wasn't the snow pretty on Sunday though? Despite the prettiness, I hope that's our last bout with it for the year. I'm ready for warmer temps and more than just a couple hardy rising trout! Take care and better luck next time,


03-06-2007, 10:20 PM
Snow was great. sounds like about everyone had the same results. It also sounds like a lot of us were in the same areas at the same times. I am not a real foward person but I am sure I saw a lot of you on the gravel road. Bumber sticker or lincense plat would help with introductions. Wish I could have met some of you all. If you see an old 1996 redish 4wd nissan pick up with mtff plate on front flag me down. My next trip for sure is memorial day and I will have Gaintfish with me. But I will be in my wife's 2003 white Durango.