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03-06-2007, 11:35 PM
A science project last year. I invented the B.I.T.E. Kit........uh kinda forgot whate B.I.T.E. means, but my dad should know he helped me name it. Anyway, I was wondering if it would work for real. It is a plastic box that is waterproof and holds, PH tester, thermomiter, and a net to test for the nymphs and stuff. Also had an extra place for any personal things. ...................... I just found it! B.I.T.E. mean Biological Investigations fo Trout Enviroments! Got an A on it! Wonderin if this would really work, or sell good. mabey get a few bucks, become famous....... anyway just wonderin what you think about this invention!


swipper 74
03-10-2007, 11:51 PM
GiantFish, that sounds like a pretty good idea. Making the box as compact as possible would be my only concern. I would suggest, though, to do away with the compartment for personal belongings (most people would be wearing vest/pack and be able to pack belongings there). This would help cut down on the size of the box. Also, there needs to be a way to attach each device to the box, so when you open it everything doesn't fall out. Having those things together in one case does sound like a nice idea.

03-11-2007, 08:24 AM
You forgot something! A #14 elk hair caddis! :)

Sounds pretty good......who knows, Orvis might buy it!? They seem to like things just like that...and a catchy name is important too. I wonder how many of those " Flyte-Deck" things those folks sold over the years at fly shows?

Paula, Byron, or anyone - I've often wondered are the Flyte-Deck folks still making those things? ( Just thought since you guys are in it you might know) They looked awful fragile to me, so I never bought one - plus I think they were close to $100, too.

Giantfish, you just keep havin' those ideas and you never know - one day you might hit one that's the next " Ketchum release" or trout net with a built in bug screen, or who knows what! :)