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03-10-2007, 08:53 PM
My float trip on the Watauga was canceled this weekend so I decided to just stay close to home and fish the park today. I went over to Abrams arriving at the trailhead around 11am. I decided since it was still kind of early in the day, I would fish the springcreek section from the confluence with Mill Creek. I don't really like to fish flat water but the temp. in the creek was already 52 deg.. I decided to just fish dries today no matter what. I'm tired of nymphing and the bugs were flying around over the water. I picked up a couple of small rainbows pretty quickly by the bridge, but the farther upstream I went,the less activity and fewer strikes. After walking back to the footbridge at the trailhead, I decided to make a few more cast in the big pool at the confluence. The Quill Gordons were really hatching off now but no risers. I landed a couple more small bows before leaving at 1pm. The crowds of hikers were pouring down the trail and it seemed everyone wanted to stop and take a picture and ask if I caught anything. I would reply "Just a few Flankerfish!" I got a good chuckle from that after they nodded their head and looked puzzled. I sat in the traffic jam leaving Abrams for about 40 minutes and by the time I reached the Little River, the clouds had rolled in and the sky was darkening. I tried a couple of spots below Elkmont but only caught 2 more fish before the rain started and I quit for the day. I saw several people fishing while driving back towards townsend so I hope they had better luck than me.
The dry fly action should be getting better each day, and I hope everyone can get out and take advantage of it. No photos to post from today, I usually don't take photos unless the fish is over 14 " (except brookies) and everything today was 6-10". Good luck to anyone going tomorrow.

03-10-2007, 09:10 PM
maybe it was just me, but despite prolific hatches all day, I didn't get a single strike, nor did I see even one rise. I fished west prong where it leaves the road and LR above metcalf. my friend had something kinda splash at his fly, but I think it was just a war paint darter. I tried everything to no avail. there were so many people fishing today that I'm pretty sure we were fishing right behind somebody at both places. still, I should've at least picked up a few.

03-10-2007, 10:54 PM
Honestly, you didn't. :) hahahahahaha....

I cannot wait to have someone ask if I'm catching something, and my reply " Oh, just some flankerfish" and the person says LITTLE RIVER OUTFITTERS BOARD! :)

I got out and fished the Chattooga DH section today here in GA/SC and it was a wonderful day...but we only caught 2 or 3 each and missed a couple more. but the river was nice and the weather was super!

can't wait to get back to the park.

03-11-2007, 12:32 AM
I hit the Middle Prong again today above Tremont. I had one on within the first 30 minutes and he broke loose. After that I had a few nibbles on the same BH Hares Ear in that area and that was all the action I saw all day. We went to Abrams Creek at about 3pm and I could see the footprints on the mossy rocks of those who fished there shortly before me. We left there about 5:30. I popped my shin on one of those slanted rocks. When you start slipping on those it's hard to keep from falling in. There aren't any flat surfaces.

I did see a bunch of people fishing too. We passed several people on the Middle Prong, Laurel Creek, and 3 guys leaving Abrams Creek when we got there. I hope all the others had better luck than my buddy and I.