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03-13-2007, 08:44 AM
Well folks it seems that there is not enough storytellin' goin on on this board (going on..-here, -on? ok whatever) So, spring is finally here. Lets hear your favorite spring memory. It could be about fishing, hiking, whatever. Tell us a story! I gotta have time to get mine together.:)

03-13-2007, 09:59 AM
Here's my story.

I used to fish a lot in the SMokeys. Then I got a brittany spaniel and felt guilty about going to the woods without him. But he isn't aloud in the park so we usually go to Tellico. But he likes to be the first one into the good looking spots and he likes to try to catch my fly so fishing with him is no fun.

Then we had a baby last year so now there is even less time for fishing. Momma wants to get away from the baby for a few hours on the weekends and I want tospend more time with the baby so I don't get to go fishing much any more. Soon my daughter will be old enogh to fish with me which will give me more time for fishing so it will work out and maybe she will help me train the dog to stay away from the good looking spots so he cna go to.

David Knapp
03-13-2007, 10:05 AM
Not sure about my favorite, but last spring I had a good time in the park. It was fairly warm, enough for wet-wading and I spent a weekend up there camping. My nice fish of the trip was a 12 inch brown that I spotted rising, quickly switched to a dry, made that perfect cast, set the hook perfectly....good memory... I'll be trying the same spot this year to see if he is still there and if he has grown...:cool: Good thread btw...

Rog 1
03-13-2007, 10:57 AM
Most of my spring memories go back to when there was a closed season to fishing in the Park and opening day was April 15....no two years are ever the same....usually by that time it was warm enough to do wet fishing which is all I have ever done in the mtns.....one this one April I left school in Gainesville, Fla after classes, drove to Auburn to pick up my fishing buddy and drove all night to get to the old turn around above Elkmont....we headed up to Goshen at first light and hit the water...it was colder than in the past but the rush of the moment warmed the mind....shortly after getting into the water I was having trouble casting and figuring a snarl of line at the tip was the trouble I asked my buddy to give me a hand with line...he started laughing saying that my guides were frozen solid with ice....quickly left the water and built a fire...finished the day fishing in short sleeves and catching a ton of fish on dries.

03-13-2007, 11:24 AM
Feb 1982--bought a 67 corvette(fast back,4 speed,327/350,polo green with tan interior,45000 miles,a BABE if every there was one)
End of March 1982--headed for the Smoky Mtns armed with fly rods etc--for at bit of fishing in Abrams---a bright clean clear day---temp-74ish--everything felt Springy--felt good---days like that make you feel that way--Filled up with gas---headed south on I-75--as stevie ray vaughn once said"I was behind the wheel of my automobile getting much delight"Crossed the state line--was in Tenn,when lights began blinking behind me---It was a Tenn. State trooper wanting to know where the fire was--Clocked me at 108mph--wrote me a warning--what a break--back on the road again--could'nt wait to get to Abrams--The car was tight---engine purred through the pipes ---what a sound---then---blinking lights--a county mountie--Pulled over again--clocked at 92mph--got a ticket--continued on---got to maryville--pulled over by city police--62mph in a 35mph zone--got a ticket--the speeding tickets were building up faster that A.N. Smith 400 mil wanna-be lovers.Finally made it to Abrams--Caught a fish or two--the day was lost--had too many sp. tickets on the mind rather that tight lines etc---moral to the story---GSMNP fly fishing/corvettes in springtime---oil and water--

03-19-2007, 08:40 AM
Met up w/ a buddy from school at 10am. He was spin fishing so we stayed at the "base of the mountain". Fishing was slow...really slooowwww. Caught one brown/rainbow hybrid-about 12in. Decent fish. Stockie. After a couple hours he declared it time to leave. 2hours?!? He decided to go back home...he was tired or whatever. I said I was gonna go get some lunch Yeah right! Im gonna fish some more! I dug through my car and found an apple and a granola bar LUNCH! Ate that and purified some water from the river. And up the road I headed.....

Plenty of people at the parking area. Bike riders, walkers, fishermen. I walked up the trail for a while and then I wet a line. A few fish, one 14in bow. I came back down the trail to the first bridge and one of my favorite pools. There were two bird watchers on the bridge so instead of getting in their way, I sat in the grass w/ my dog and soaked up some sun.

I woke up to a cute blonde, who needed to be where the weather suited her clothes if ya know what I mean. She asked me if I was all right, uh...uh...uh...I think. She said she was watching me and Molly for like 10 min and started to worry. We spoke. She sat. Thank you God. She said she hoped to see me again. OK. Now to get to the matter at hand..er uh rod...

Sun was at my back, Ill put a nice shadow over the pool..to my knees! I worked to pool, from my knees on a gravel bar. A couple nice rainbows came to hand each 12in. When I stood up, I had a black stonefly nymph hangin on the knee of my waders. I have a fly exactly like you. Put it on...first cast to the deep channel WAM! A fat, 14in rainbow. Next cast BOOM! Another fat 13in rainbow. I walked outta the water and sat down..

So, 5 of the nicest fish Ill probably catch all year and one of the prettiest, sweetest girls Ill ever meet...and of course a day outside in 70degree weather. Lets top this one next week...

03-19-2007, 09:27 AM

Sounds like it was a perfect day, as long as you got her name and phone #!

David Knapp
03-19-2007, 03:05 PM
Yeah, did you get a phone number???:rolleyes:

Gerry Romer
03-19-2007, 03:08 PM
Blonde, huh?

See, this is the real reason why fly fishermen never reveal the exact location of thier favorite spots...


03-20-2007, 08:30 AM
Maybe next time....Ive learned there is always a next time.